Square Down

9 Pax gathered to honor our Blue Ridge Runners for some running and hills.



Mosey to lower parking lot

SSH X 10

Wind Mill X 10

Imperial Storm Troopers X 10

Merkins X 10


The Thang

Mosey to soccer field

Line up on goal line

10 Squat jumps

Sprint to first soccer goal(forty yards)

10 WW II sit ups sprint back

Continue to sprint back and forth performing the following exercises:

10 SSH

10 merkins

10 CDDs

10 SSH

Mosey to first soccer goal

Square Down- 4 sand bags in a 10 yd by 10 yd square

Start at first bag back pedal to second

Directly into a shuffle  to third bag

Karaoke Drill to fourth bag

Sprint back to start

repeat 5 times

Do it  5 more times  shuffling and karaoke in opposite direction

Go around the square 5 more times substituting with bear crawl, high steps , walking lung, sprint

Mosey to hill for 7 to 1 ladder with burpees at bottom and dips at top

Mosey to soccer field for Pax choice (5 men wearing black got to choose the next five exercises)

in cadence the squirm x 10,  CDD x10, cannot remember third, and Tumblr asked where to next and so we jail break to football field

40s, 60s, 80s, 100

Simple 4 40 yd sprint,  4 60 yd sprints,  2 80 yd sprints, 1 100 yd sprint

Mosey to pond for Jack Webbs 1 to 10 merkins double shoulder press.

Run up hill for Mary

Exercises X 15

The W

Low Flutter

Low Dolly


Mason Twist

Crunchy Frog



1. Good work today.  A petty quiet Pax today for my first official on the books Q.  Excuse the bad back blasts.  There are usually entertaining.

2. Good luck to the Ridge Runners.

3.  I did appreciate the comment from Torque Wrench at the end of the workout ” I thought this workout was only 1 hour long not 2?”  That made me feel good.  Keep up the good work Torque Wrench.

4. My phone did not save when I was typing in the Pax.  Im missing to names.  Can you edit these posts?





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  1. Othello

    Looked like a good one @Bigbird. Sorry I missed it, helping the Hickory Ridge marching band today with their season opener preview. Look forward to participating at your next post.

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