Socialism is Overweighted…

4…wait, no, 5….wait, actually 6 men gathered this AM at Veterans Park for a surprisingly intense beat-down.



fast 1/3 mile mosey with high knees and buttkickers

shuffle around the monument both ways

side straddle hop x 20

windmills x 10

hillbillies x 10

mericans x 15

dips x 15

jump-ups x 20

calf raises x 25


the Thang:

two rounds of the “Bernie Sanders March”- 6 guys split up 4 weights (25 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, and 45 lbs) so at any time 4 guys have weights and two have none. run 100-ish yards, stop for an exercise, trade off who has weights (hence the socialism reference), and continue.

total distance was twice around the wooded loop in veteran’s (around 1.75 miles). stopped halfway for extended peoples’ chair, ab work, and arm work.

exercises at breaks included: mericans, declined mericans, inclined mericans, slow-count mericans, 4-count mericans, low slow squat, mountain climbers, LBC’s, side straddle hop, bear crawl, ninja star lunges, ww2 situps, and smurfjacks.


everybody pick an ab workout, followed by stretches.



1. Honestly, today’s workout sounded easier in my head. maybe it was the rotation that made each pax do the 25,25,35,and 45 in that order with no break. either way, the Q was smoked by the end!

2. loving the cooldown in the weather.. looking forward to more!

3. step up to Q, you’re ready!


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