Last minute Q

YHC was contacted last night to serve as the Q. Since I was already planning on attending, I said sure. 10 men came out for what I hoped was a challenging workout.

– arm circles
– little bit of stretching

The Thang
We did 7 sets of the following exercises:
– Curls
– Dutch Cucumbers
– High Pull
– Shoulder Press
– KB Swing
– Halo
– Tricep Extension
– Chest Press
Sets were done as 4 reps, 8, 12, 16, 12, 8, and 4.

– We added a few moseys in there to give our arms/shoulders a little rest.

– LBC with KB
– Rosalita (Pongo)
– Pretzel crunch (Ghetto D)
– Mason Twist with KB
– Double tap or the Dutch Vasectomy
– Airborne Mindbender

– I hope you enjoyed the workout today guys. I’m definitely a little worn out.
– One thing I learned today was that we need to teach Ghetto D how to count. That was hilarious brother.
– Also learned that Pongo is really good at the Rosalita.
– Thanks for letting me share a little today about what I’ve been going through with respect to my stepmother taking her life and my goal of starting a new initiative at UNC Charlotte. I appreciate the support.

2 thoughts on “Last minute Q

  1. Gazebo

    Thanks for leading us Jelly, shoulders are hurtin for certain. You’re doing a great service, keep it going!!

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