Grunts and strains

5 Strong Harrisburg F3 Faithful got stronger this morning with a core and upper body beat down focus. @Tumbler planted the shovel flag and sweat started rolling…

Warmup: SSH IC x15, IST IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Merkin IC x10

Thang: 16 exercises of varying reps — Repeato for two total rounds

  1. Bent Leg Incline Press – Single Arm x10 each way (aka – #TumblerHater)
  2. Overhead Tri Ext x15
  3. Bent Over Row x15
  4. V Hold w/ Bell x 30 sec
  5. Merkin Alt Cross-Over w/ Plank Walk x10 each way
  6. Hammer Curls x15
  7. One Arm Squat and Press x10 each arm
  8. Mason Twist w/ Bell x10 IC
  9. Bridge Single Arm Chest Press x10 each arm
  10. Side Tri Raise x10 each arm
  11. Upright Row x15
  12. Russian Twist w/ Bell Press in Middle x10 IC
  13. Chest Press x15
  14. Side Lunge w/ Curl x10 each arm/side
  15. Lawn Mowers x10 each arm
  16. Ab up w/ Press to Sky at Top x10 OYO

Mary: Spare Tire Shredders x10, 5 Count Power Abs



  1. Outstanding work this morning by the PAX! The sweat was definitely rolling this morning and increased weights were in use. Thanks for playing along with some difficult moves… especially the #TumblerHater.
  2. Let us not forget 9/11! Special prayers for everyone directly impacted then and now. Special thanks to our military men and women that fight to keep us safe.
  3. Best wishes to all the BRR participants… safe and healthy travels.
  4. @BigBird is on Q for #TheRailYard tomorrow. #TClaps.

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