September “Old Glory” at Tradition

11 men from the Tradition and Precinct AOs gathered together in the gloom for Tradition’s monthly “You-vs-You” WIB (Workout In a Bag) … OLD GLORY. Two shovel flags were planted, no time for disclaimer or  instructions (but no FNGs, so we’re good!), so the run began. YHC had invited Dingo to a first-mile race and thought that his challenge had been accepted, but there was no Dingo sighting today. I think he’s resting his fragile pre-marathon legs. In fact, by the looks of it, ALL of the pre-half and full marathoners were MIA today. Guys, I think Vagisil is on sale at CVS this week! 😉

Start at Shovel Flag and run 1 mile loop. Then…

  1. Station #1: 20 x ‘Mericans (front/right corner of Church)
  2. Station #2: 20 x Jump Squats (back/right corner of Church)
  3. Station #3: 10 x Pull-ups (Outback)
  4. Station #4: 20 x WWII Sit-ups (near street)

Back to Shovel Flag  – That’s 1 round. Rinse & repeat Stations 1-4 as many times as you can (the loop is 0.4 miles). Regroup at 6am, then finish with another 1 mile run, casual this time, front man carries Tradition’s Old Glory and six carries The Precinct’s Old Glory.

Results are posted HERE with your name and number of complete laps plus additional stations completed around the AO (rounded down to nearest quarter lap). Previous round totals are posted as well. Plan to beat your own record next month! As usual, these are intentionally not listed in order of who “won” because this event is not a competition with one another, but rather a true “You vs You” opportunity to push your own limits. Whether you did 1 full round or 5, the point was to do YOUR best. Great job by all!

18 thoughts on “September “Old Glory” at Tradition

  1. Man Down Post author

    Smaller numbers today, but still just as big of a workout as usual. Old Glory just sucks, but in all the right ways! Total body workout – chest, legs, back, core, arms – with both strength and stamina! Great job out there guys!
    – 2 5:30am Workout options tomorrow – Kettlebells at Tradition or Bootcamp at The Valley.
    – “Measure of a Man” book study tomorrow – 6am at Cafeccino.
    – Mud Run registration ends in TWO DAYS.
    – Jailhouse Rock at The Precinct next Thursday.
    – @Neon, I didn’t see your laps written on the sheet, so feel free to add to the sheet. It’s editable.
    – @Dingo, Even though you weren’t there, the mention of trying to run a sub-7 first mile was the push I needed. Got it in 6:51! I still can’t break past 4.5 laps after 4 months of trying. It keeps me coming back though!

  2. Dingo

    Ha! After you texted, Coyote texted to see if I wanted to go to highlands. I went to highlands 😉

    Trying to be smart about this marathon training and Old Glory falling 2 days before a 14 mile run just sounded like trouble.

    Sub 7 mile! Nice! I’m coming for you! After this marathon I’m gonna squeeze 26.2 miles into 1 mile and knocked back down to the ground where you belong!! Lol! With love of course 😉

  3. Coyote

    Lot of big talk from a guy who stopped running with us after it got further than 6 miles! I think you have to run more than that before you can start dishing out vagisil prescriptions…plus the puppy combo of myself and Dingo posted at highlands today thank you very much!

      1. Coyote

        Farm that uh…that doesn’t really apply here…

        But seriously! The vagisil comment!!?? I mean my goodness! I’ll have to start mentioning something to that effect on every backblast for a KB workout until @ManDown decides put on his big girl panties and get a heavy KB!

    1. GentleGrizzly

      The fact that you refer to yourselves as a “puppy combo” is worse than the vagisil comment. Someone needs to talk to your fiance before the big day….

  4. The Farm

    I came REALLY close to posting this morning. Haven’t done Old Glory in 4-5 months. However, I supported @TripleThreat at Davis Lake and he didn’t disappoint! Ouch @ the Vagisil comment.

  5. Forgotten Jelly

    Smaller numbers, but a good showing nonetheless. I hope to be back out at a bootcamp next week. Resting the knee. However, I got my brand new custom made orthotics today!! Hopefully that will help. Have to break them in over the next few weeks.

  6. Maximus_MECA

    Wow! Lots of mumble chatter from the non-attendees! Makes me laugh. Great lead Man-down. You were definitely impressive this morning showing up at 5:28, starting the clock, rearranging the flags, giving instructions and then running a sub 7 minute mile and 4.5 laps while reminding us it was the day before 9/11. Way to lead!

    1. Man Down Post author

      LOL! Too true Maximus!
      And thanks! I learned all my last-minute arrival etiquette and barking orders skills from Dingo. 🙂

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