PVC Arrives at Rolling Stone

11 Stoners arrived for a second session of Pox week. Tuesday was Rolling Stone’s introduction to pushing the Mazda, today YHQ introduced the infamous PVC pipes.  It went something like this:


Slow mosey to front of school, butt kickers, high knees, Stoli Skips


  • SSHx15
  • Cotton Pickersx15
  • Imperial Storm Troopersx15
  • Slow Merkinsx10

Mosey back to parking lot, Pax lines up arm length apart, CHA-CHA (IC) x20 across parking lot

Mosey to Pox’s Mazda to collect PVC pipes and head to basket-ball court


  • Stretches: pass throughsx10, around the worldx10 (both directions), good morningsx10
  • Overhead squat w/PVCx10 (IC), Shoulder Press w/PVCx10 (IC), PVC Thrusterx10(IC), REPETO, REPETO

Mosey to playground: Pull-upsx5, merkinsx5, LBCx5 REPETO, REPETO

Mosey to back of schools (careful its dark) and grab a picknic table

Step-upsx10 (each leg), Derkinsx5, REPETO

Mosey back to basketball court

Mini lunge ladder work:

Start on wall, balls-to-wall, 10 shoulder taps, PVC above head lunge walk back and forth across BB court, REPETO 4 more times with descending shoulder taps: 8-6-4-2


  • Overhead squat with PVCx10
  • Should press with PVCx10
  • Thruster with PVCx10
  • Active lunge PVC press x10 each leg
  • Good Mornings
  • Mini-Mary Ladder: Hollow Body Rock x10, LBCx10, HBRx8, LBCx10, HBRx4 (running out of time), LBCx10, HBRx2, LBCx10


  • I don’t know why it took so long, but I was glad to bring Pox’s PVC to Rolling Stone
  • Great work by the whole Pax, everyone was pushing everyone else, the confusion during counting time meant everyone pushed it hard
  • Welcome back to Dr. Phil, he was somewhere overseas which most of the Pax cannot properly pronounce
  • YHQ was finally able to silence Marie Calendar during the workout-mission accomplished
  • LawDawg is stepping up to help with Mission Trips, interested? – talk to him
  • Still looking for some more hard commits for Mud Run, you gotta show to know

9 thoughts on “PVC Arrives at Rolling Stone

  1. LawDawg

    @Pox, ouch. That hurt in a deceptive kind of way. My shoulders are going to hurt when I’m trying to drive tomorrow!

    Here’s a link for the Above & Beyond “Go Beyond Challenge” servebeyond: We welcome @fetz_3 and @mrburns_F3 to the GoBeyond Challenge! Who’s next?
    Home | GoBeyond Challenge http://t.co/25SZP7N8zS

  2. Marie Calendar

    Nice job again, Pox. I thought I knew what was coming with the PVC in play but you must have multiple workout plans using plastic.

    Lunge walk = looks easy
    Lunge walk = it’s not

  3. Sparknut

    Props on 2 solid Q’s Pox! My legs were burning by the 2nd set of walking lunges and went numb by the 4th set. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. Have a great weekend men. Reminder: Saturday 6:30 am workout; 7:30 am bible study at Christian Brothers Auto. Come on out! The water’s fine…

  4. three

    Yes sparknut about half way through I knew I was in big trouble for the days to come. But we will be ready to go for Tuesday. I am seeing improvement in my health and weight and I appreciate you all for the encouragement and help to keep a former “lazy” guy from stopping and giving up.

    1. Pox Post author

      3, please keep coming back. The gloom is good for all of us. There are a lot of posts on the f3 site for encouragement as many guys have gone through major improvements in body and spirit with f3. We are here for you brother

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