Plan B

YHC told the PAX to be ready for some in the park repeats. Little did they know that YHC had a plan B if no BRR PAX posted. No BRRos posted, so we went with plan B. We just forgot to tell Capri.


Park to Park Run – distance = 3.3 +/- miles


SSH x15IC (for the benefit of the new guy)
Post Run Yoga stretches for recovery


As YHC admits each time he writes this, we ran. Plan A included a bunch of hill repeats and indian runs to prepare the BRRos for passing everyone on those crowded trails this weekend. No BRRos so we went with an undisclosed Plan B, easy paced park to park run. Time to get to know the FNG. Upon returning to the site we three find the fourth’s car in the parking lot, 2 wheels still smokin from the last minute arrival.

After the COT and naming ceremony, Rolling Stone was welcomed into F3 nation with a longer than usual 2nd F post workout.

Thank again guys for letting me hang out up front.

Chum out!

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