Just what I needed – A little “Broga” stretch….

Six Harrisburg “Broga” faithful and one FNG (Seven total) passed up the opportunity to run and “stretch” their muscles a bit.  It was much needed by all.  No parts of the body were ignored (well maybe some were…) as we stretched ourselves from head to toe (literally).  It went something like this….

The Thang

  • 5 Hatha Breaths in mountain pose
  • Swan Dive into the pool, Chaturanga (Updog/Downdog)
  • Head/neck Rolls
  • “Back-up the car” Neck stretch
  • Horse Stance Shoulder Stretch
  • Forearm flexor stretch
  • Forearm in cement
  • Arm Circles
  • Shoulder Tricep grab
  • Standing side stretch
  • Back/Spine Rollers
  • Cat/Cow
  • Glute Stretch
  • Wide Feet forward bend to half twist
  • Camel
  • Camel Back
  • Kenpo
  • Quad Stretch
  • Bow
  • Frog
  • Plough
  • One Legged/Two legged Hamstring Stretch
  • Scissor Legs
  • Train Track Stretch
  • Toe Flexors

COT – Othello

1. Welcome out @Cooter!  Looking forward to seeing you at future posts.  Hope the “stretch” helped work out the kinks from Bball on Sunday.
2. @SoloCup still looking for Harrisburg food pantry donations.
3. Bootcamp tomorrow – The Ridge – @Deuce has the lead.
4. Anyone up for a Q on Saturday – Railyard?

3 thoughts on “Just what I needed – A little “Broga” stretch….

  1. Othello Post author

    Another honor to lead. Group was large today, nice to see it growing. Great to see @Cooter out there today. Looking forward to seeing you at future posts!

    Good luck to all of the BRR PAX heading out this weekend. Be safe, run hard!

  2. Sid Vicious

    Nice lead @Othello, great for working out the soreness from basketball. Good to see @Cooter come out this morning too.

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