15 Men at The Valley Cruise??!!

15 men!!  I never would have thought I would see 15 men at our cruise!!  I had hopes, desires and dreams of this many men deciding to run every Wednesday morning, but I gotta admit, I didn’t think it would happen.  But thats what F3 does.  It takes the impossible and makes it possible!  It pushes men to do things they wouldn’t normally do!

Simple course today.

Down the Hill Of Shadows and turn left.  Yes Left!!  We’ve never done that before!!

Go about a mile and turn right onto Mallard Creek Gway.  Technically the main greenway that we run on is Clarke Creek Greenway(I think).

Run almost up to the end and turn around and go back.

With so many guys we had a few different pace groups.  and a whole lot of 2ndF!

The Moleskin;

  1. Great Cruise this morning!  I enjoyed every minute of this morning.
  2. Even Man Downs sweaty hug……eewwww….
  3. Great to see some so called non runners out there today!!  Keep it up Pongo and Buckwheat!
  4. Neon, great to see your consistency!  You are doing great bro!
  5. Beatdown, Chowdown October 10th!

7 thoughts on “15 Men at The Valley Cruise??!!

  1. The Farm

    Great cruise this morning! Afterwards, I checked my Strava App (everyone should get this) and saw that out of the 3.8 miles I ran (sorry, wasn’t running up the hill of shadows today), my fastest miles by far was with other men. During mile two I was in between two pace groups and it took me nearly a min longer to complete a mile. You guys really do make me faster and stronger!

  2. BlindDate

    Liked the change in course, expect for the part where Striker and I were standing at a cross road with no idea which way to go. But we guessed correctly. It is awesome to see 15 show up for the Cruise. We took every parking spot in that front lot.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    It was a good route to run. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the push on the first two miles @dingo. I hadn’t planned on running any part of the cruise that hard today, but it felt good. My legs aren’t too thrilled at the moment, but I’ll recover.

    Great to see 15 out there today. Keep posting everyone!!

  4. Dingo Post author

    Favorite part of the run, Jelly looks at his watch and says “Shit! We are running at 6min pace!” That must have only been for 2 seconds though!

    I really wanted to get at it today and I went after those first 2 miles and did better than I had hoped! Thanks for the lush Jelly! Man Down may not realize it, but we could hear him breathing behind us, which kept us moving also! The last 2 miles were definitely recovery miles. Also, I ended up by myself, with no headlamp, as I had graciously given mine to Pongo ;), it was sondarknout there that at times I had to stop and walk cause I could not see where the path was!! I was waiting to run straight into a post!

    Huge Tclaps to Pongo and Buckwheat! Coming out to a cruise is no easy feat! Hopefully you realize it’s way more mental than physical!

  5. Buckwheat

    Thanks, brothers! As much as I hate to admit it, I actually enjoyed running today! Good work on the first 1.5 miles @Pongo. Thanks for allowing me to share @Dingo’s headlamp with you. It was scary in the dark! @TT, @Innkeeper, and @Gazebo: Thanks for the push the last few miles!

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