The Precinct Workout That Wasn’t

YHC arrived to The Precinct expecting to find at least a half dozen or so Laborers who had roused themselves out of their post-Labor Day weekend comas, pried themselves away from the strong grip of the fartsack, and determined to be different. But alas it was not so. Only two others emerged in the gloom. Audible called and we headed over to Tradition for a Guinness-led beatdown. You’ll have to read his backblast on another link.

  • T-claps to Field of Dreams and Prison Fruit for making it out this morning! As for the rest of you, I hope your fartsack had bed bugs! 😉
  • Old Glory is this Thursday at Tradition, so no workout at The Precinct.

1 thought on “The Precinct Workout That Wasn’t

  1. Man Down Post author

    C’mon Precinct guys! We need you and you need us. Push past the gravitational pull of the fartsack and meet us out there Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

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