A Laborious Labor Day

Four pax met in the holiday gloom at Veteran’s Park for a special “Sports-Themed” Labor Day beatdown!


Warmup- short mosey with Gatorade coolers and disclaimer

Side Straddle Hop x 15

Mericans x 10

Windmills x 10

Crab Cakes x 10


The Thang:


Sprint the bases, stopping for the following:

Home- 10 pullups on fence

First- 5 Burpees

Second- 10 WW2 Situps

Third- Scale the big fence twice


Return home for some up-down plankorama, then sprint around all bases. Repeat all of the above x 3



Bear Crawl 75-ish Yards

Sprint Back

High Jump- 20x jumps over Gatorade coolers

Agility- sprint through a course with front, backward, and side shuffle running. Each pax do 2 reps while all others pump out LBC’s

Repeat agility with all other pax doing Mountain Climbers

225-Bench: With a partner, do 10 mericans with a partner applying as much weight to your back as you can lift. This is harder than it sounds!



Partner up: One partner do High knees for 75 yards carrying cooler, other partner do mericans. Flapjack.



Everyone pick an ab workout to lead, then collapse in tired heaps on the cold ground.




1. Thanks to the few and the brave for taking a fartsack day and making it a man-up day!

2. Those partner-weighted mericans are going to make their way back in… wow, those were tough.

2 thoughts on “A Laborious Labor Day

  1. Tough Skins

    Thanks for Qing Capri. I’d have never thought I could scale that fence at my age – and apparently the old guy walking by thought we shouldn’t have even tried. If looks could kill…

  2. Drop Thrill

    Great Q Capri. Nice change of pace throwing out some new stuff.

    I’m working on some big news for Mint Hill. When I have something official I’ll tell you, but I’ve super excited!!!

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