The Early Convergence for Labor Day

10 Men gather in the gloom for the early edition of their Labor Day festivities.

Mosey around the parking lot to gather any late arrivals

SSH x15
IST x15
Merkins x10

Run across Tryon to top of stair ladder leading to football stadium

Runs down stairs
10 Merkins
10 Jump Squats
10 LBC
Run back up stairs
10 Carolina Dry Docks
10 Squats
10 Low Flutter
Repeato x2

Run down to Fish Bowl
Side 1 – Lunges to stairs/Bear Crawl Up Stairs/Run back down/Lunges back to starting point
Side 2 – Bear Crawl to stairs/Run up Stairs/Run back down/Bear Crawl back to starting point
Repeato x2 switching sides

Run over to side of stadium

Bear Crawl up first flight
Crawl Bear second flight
Bear Crawl up third flight
Repeato x2

Run down to walkway and line up on first light pole and perform exercises from light pole to light pole

Lung/Bunny Hop/Lung/Bunny Hop
Backward Lung/Backwards Run/Backward Lung/Backward Lung/Backwards Run

Run other to bletchers for the following:
-15 Derkins
-10 Muscle Ups
Repeato x3

Run up the hill for the following from tree to tree

Plank walk/plank walk/Bear Crawl/Plank walk/Plank walk/Bear Crawl

Run to Union Parking Lot

30 seconds and 20 second off of the following…
Over Single Line:
Side to side hops
Front to back hops
Running with scissors

Over Double Line:
Side to side hops
Front to back hops
Running with scissors

Run over to the fence
Incline Merkins x10
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x8
Dips x8

Run back towards the parking lot with a trip up the stadium stairs via BEar Crawl and backwards run

All you got up the several flight up stairs and mosey back to Parking Lot for MARY

MARY led by @Skipper

-Good job this morning men. Lots of new faces to the ElDorado AO, come back on another Monday to enjoy the fun
-Our FNG (Dave) that joined us started out with a tough one. Make sure we get him out to a traditional 45 minute bootcamp and ease him into F3. We all know it sucks the first day. Stick with it brother.
-Enjoy your Labor Day fellas!

3 thoughts on “The Early Convergence for Labor Day

  1. Skipper

    Nice one @Colonel! It was weird spending an hour at UNCC in the gloom and not visiting a parking deck. You definitely made good use of every stair, bench, railing, light pole, etc. that we found along the way! Ahoy!

    Also great meeting @RibShack, @Ajax, @InnKeeper, and FNG Dave.

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