Of Ants and Logs.

20 Men arose from the very enticing Labor day fartsack and ventured out to MCP for a little teamwork.

I drove in, with Dutch in the passenger seat, to an empty parking lot.  I wondered out loud if anyone would show.  Dutch assured me that if I built the workout, they would come.  Well the workout was build and ready to jump off my weinke and sure enough my brothers rolled in!  Including 1 FNG!

YHC gave a brief disclaimer and pointed out that every 5 minutes throughout the next hour, my watch would beep, this beep would indicate that 10 burpees were required.  The grumbling was loud, the looks were mean, but the desire to get stronger pushed these men through and we got started.

Warm up

Mosey to Soccer Field

15 x SSH

15 x Imperial Storm troopers

15 x Air Squat

15 x Michael Phelps

Teams of 4

Pair up in team

1st team

10 x Partner get ups

10 x partner throw downs

Repeat until other team gets back

2nd team

5 x Wheelbarrow pushups then wheelbarrow across the field

Flapjack when man tires

Must start each wheel barrow with 5 wheel barrow pushups

Partner push back across field

Flapjack with team 1


About 10 minutes in YHC realized that his watched had not beeped yet??  Forgot to start it!  Fixed the problem, and we got in a whole bunch of burpees!

Indian Run to Softball field parking lot

Some confused pax members kept asking me if I new where I was going.  Little did they know I was heading to my favorite place!  Marathon training has kept me away on saturday mornings for the last 10 weeks, but I have not forgotten about my beloved logs!  A few wirery veterans realized where we were heading and had mischievous smiles as they watched their unsuspecting brothers realize what was about to happen!

Same teams of 4

Grab a log

At this point there were definitely some confused looks!  Some guys obviously thought i was joking.  To Mr Beldings dismay, I was not joking.

All exercises in cadence

10 x log shoulder press

10 x log squats

10 x log curls

10 x log chest press

Repeat x 3

We left the log yard stronger, dirtier and scarier looking than when we entered!  Poor ole Dutch even took a bunch of ant bites out with him 🙁

Indian Run back to the soccer field parking lot.

The whole workout was broken up by burpees

Mary led by different members of the Pax

A very fit looking Skipper joined us for the COT!  which made 21.

The Dirty Moleskin;

  1. An honor to led you all this morning!  Thanks for putting up with my desire to play with big logs!
  2. I was glad to give @Gazebo a little reminder of his marine days!
  3. Sorry about the ants @Dutch!  But you did pick the log 😉
  4. Welcome to FNG who is now known as Archie!
  5. Strong work out there men!

5 thoughts on “Of Ants and Logs.

  1. Preamble

    Thanks for Q-ing, Dingo. The logs were brutal but a good challenge, but man I hated that watch every time it beeped! #LogsOverBurpeesAnyday

  2. The Farm

    After all that we went through for those names, you lost the list?!

    And I felt like a MCP FNG today since I hadn’t been out there since the days we used to use the playground that I think I heard is no longer there. I don’t remember those logs…but the great thing about this AO is people always find new things!

    I was enjoying my height advantage today until Dutch figured out how to take it away. I came really close to calling BS on those rock presses. I may have almost killed Mr. Belding. Sorry brother.

  3. Gazebo

    I was expecting a nice holiday workout but NOOOO, Dingo wants us to work on Labor Day! The nerve of some people 🙂 All kiddin aside that was a great lead Dingo!! And the only way to tackle those logs is with good teamwork-Awesome job Mountaineer, Jumanji and FNG-Archie.

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