Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose!

It was a pleasant morning and four men decided to get stronger rather than watch Saturday Morning Cartoons.

We did stuff after a quick Hairband Half Mile…


15-Imperial Walkers (aka Storm Troopers)
15-Low Slow Squats

After a quick Hairband Half Mile we circled up for ten stations of pain similar to Byron’s crazy circus of pain or whatever he calls it.  I usually miss half of what he says because I’m in too much pain.  But I digress.

For round one we worked 2:30 and rested :20.  Round two we worked 1:30 and rested :20.  The stations were as follows in no particular order.

1- Hairburners.
2- 30 lb. dumbell bicep curls.
3- 50lb. kettle bell dead lifts (round one), goblet squats (round two).
4- 30lb. kettle bell two handed swings.
5- Pick your poison weird wobbly arm instrument.  Had to be there to experience it.
6- 25lb each hand dumbbell farmer walk.
7- Ruck loaded with six bricks – Lung walk with the ruck on your back for the entire time.
8- 10lb, each hand, tricep extensions
9 and 10 I can’t remember what we did! Ha!   I blame it on 02 dep.

After we started round two we started running low on time so I wrapped up this portion and we did about ten minutes of some Z Health, yoga, and other stretching.  Make sure you are always stretching at least after your workouts to prevent injury.  I was MIA for about a month due to not stretching enough and falls and having to go to physical therapy to remind myself of that.

I guess I’ve already started in on the moleskin, so here goes!

Great work out there men, and thanks for humoring me on my first time leading a workout since I got hurt and had to go on IR.

Welcome especially Ringo (Josh) who is a drummer and all sorts of other things it seems, that includes a strong guy.  Well done on your first beatdown, please come back!

Reminder on the workouts at Mint Hill:

Monday Capri will lead the 5:30 Piledriver boot camp at The Vet, Wednesday is Pain Academy boot camp at Bain Elementary, Thursday is Running Bear, running workout at The Vet, Friday is Mint Hill Metal, a gear workout similar to what I did today at Idlewild Baptist Church.  All workouts are at 5:30 except Saturdays are at 7:00.  Hope to see  you guys again this coming week.  Safe travels if you’re heading out of town.

Shout out to Double E, a Union County brother who let me borrow his entire toolbox and I added just a few things from my small collection.

Thank you for the privilege to lead this morning.  The title of this backblast is a vague or not so vague (dending on your knowledge of the show Welcome Back Kotter), the 1970s sitcom that launched John Travolta’s career and is one of his famous lines from the show.

Until next time.

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  1. Manatee

    Excellent Qutelage Drop Thrill! Farmers walk was killer. And props for Ringo for the hard work from the new guy. See ya’ll next week!!

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