Impromptu Q from the Soon-To-Not-Be Hate

8 men (6 Lakers, 1 Traditioner, and 1 Stoner) met at the clubhouse to experience a Saturday beatdown. The problem is, no Qs had signed up. YHC assumed he would have to take the reigns. But then I noticed the #Tradition flag was planted. I looked around and didn’t see anyone.  Then I looked down and there was @Buckwheat stretching. He agreed we could split it.  However, a #respect once told me that you get stronger with age. @Buckwheat is on the verge of turning a year older and must’ve been feeling really strong this morning because he ended up getting on a roll and taking the whole Q!  It went like this:

Mosey to end of parking lot and circle up:

SSH x 15 IC
Mericans x 10 IC
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
IST x 15 IC
CP x 15 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO

Mosey through tunnel to gazebo area and partner up
Each partner group performed the following:
100 mericans
150 Air Squats
200 LBCs
One partner was always running either to the gazebo or the small hill on the other side. When the running partner arrived at the gazebo, he would do 10 plank jacks before running back. When the running partner was running to the small hill, he would perform 10 bobby hurleys before running back.

Mosey up the hill (that I’ve never noticed and will be used soon) instead of through the tunnel and across the street to the playground.

Partner Up in two groups of three and one group of two. Each group completes three rounds of 10 of the following:

10 step ups each leg
10 swing, reverse crunches???
10 declined merkins

Plank while waiting for the six

Mosey to rock pile and pick out a rock. YHC is still afraid of grabbing a larger rock after @ChickenStrip’s Atlas Stone workout from two months ago… Perform the following:

Shoulder presses x 15 IC
Boulder offset mericans x 5 IC each arm
15 chest presses IC
15 skull crushers IC
15 sumo squats IC
15 curls IC
15 LBCs with rock IC
10 derby double taps with rock (at YHC’s request)
15 shoulder presses IC

At some point during this, @Buckwheat asked me why I was smiling at him. It was because I realized at this point, you were taking over brother! Also, a man ran by and I believe I heard one of our newest MECA brothers @Roundhouse try to EH him. Proud moment for YHC.

Mosey to hill in front of clubhouse to do a 10-2 ladder with burpees at the bottom and CDDs at the top. Quadraphelia up the hill every other trip. Someone exclaimed something to the Q about not being able to have everything he wants, to which he replied, “I’m selfish…let’s go!”

At this point, a guy walked by asking if we are a team training for something. We said for life. He said something about us being crazy. We said come be crazy with us.

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary which consisted of:

Low Dolly
Pretzel Crunch
Mason Twists
The W
Low Flutter

@Buckwheat tried to end it here but it was 7:55am and YHC was having none of that.

Homer to Marge Medley (you’re welcome @Buckwheat) with rosalitas x 10 IC
Arnolds x 12 IC

COT, BOM, Chicken Minis/Coffee


Thanks to @Buckwheat for stepping in. The thing I’ve noticed about this AO is we fill weekday spots fairly easily be weekends are open until the last minute or just open. Is this normal? Strong work by everyone this morning! I love seeing people regularly posting. EH your friends!


MECA Labor Day Convergences – 5:30am to 6:30am at El Dorado (Parking at the Chipotle Parking Lot and Mosey to the Parking Deck). 7:00am – 8:00am at Mallard Creek Park (NOT the Valley, which is Mallard Creek Elementary). BOTH will be bootcamp type beatdowns. 2nd F opportunities after. Come to one or double down and do both!

Beatdown Chowdown October 10th, hosted by Tradition. There will be no workout at Davis Lake that day. Special guest Qs will be there as well as Dredd and OBT (the founders of this craziness).

Happy Birthday Buckwheat!

The Farm

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  1. Preamble

    Really enjoyed the “Q on the fly” workout today. Running the hills and getting a good beatdown lakeside was a blast!

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