Grab the pick ax

In my extensive pre-beatdown planning (aka, looking at Google maps while on the throne at 4:45am) I was wondering what on earth we would do. Even the aerial birds eye view looked pretty much like your standard elementary school and parking lot. I kinda remembered a couple hills and some random stuff from #TheBear, but, like most of the participants that day, I’ve tried to forget the details. Pretty much all I came away with from my “strategy session” was a question of which driveway to turn into and wondering if the rocks behind Countryside Montessori were too far away to run to in a 45 min workout. Only way to answer was to roll the dice.

Fortunately the first was answered when I arrived… @Innkeeper and his FNG A.J. were already setting up shop and @Raptor was engaged in his extensive pre-game prep. More headlights roll in and we were 7 strong. Missed the minute warning, so the PAX got a full 10 second warning complete with a @Chowderized disclaimer. Good thing @Buckwheat knew better and was already stretching. Ever any latecomers? Nah… let’s mosey downhill. Tried to comply with @ONJs request for no running and no hills, but this is F3 so there’s always running and we’re at a school so there were speed bumps. Sorry @ONJ.

Mosey down to side parking lot for warm-o-rama:

–          SSH x 19 IC

–          Mountain Climber x 15 IC

–          Windmill x 15 IC

–          Merkins x 10 IC

–          Plank for (silent) 10 count – at least that’s what I tell myself

–          Larry Craigs x 10 IC


Mosey down to World of Outlaws Dirt Track complete with plastic wall.

Somehow, @Chicken_Strip finds us. Shocker, but I guess YHC’s voice carries in the gloom. Said he was late because he was working on the MeCa Region Mud Run pre-blast. We know better… #strategysession.

Mini Golden Horseshoe

–          Lap then 20 Merkins

–          Lap then 20 Merkins, 20 Air Squats

–          Lap then 20 Merkins, 20 Air Squats and 20 LBC (Hey, when did @Buckwheat become a runner? I guess that’s what all the stretching was for.)

–          Lap then 20 Air Squats and 20 LBC

–          Lap then 20 LBC

–          Lap (and more LBCs if you’re waiting on the six)


Mosey past playground equipment… hate to pass up that opportunity. Next time, braugh… up to corner of school. Nice varying height wall, but it’s got a couple shaky bricks. Perfect… love some risk. Grab some rail and scope out your preferred height on the wall…
– Dips x 10 IC
– Jump ups x 10 OYO
– Discuss Youtube video of guys doing waist high jump ups out of pools or carrying 50# bumdbells
– FNG A.J. pretty much showed us how it’s done. Impressive, brother.
– Dips x 10 IC
– Jump ups x 10 OYO
– Dips x 10 IC
– Jump ups x 10 OYO

Mosey some more around the school. What a weird design. This place has more nooks and extensions and corners than there are signs on the set of #ESPM GameDay. You keep digging in this mine and it keeps yielding gems. We find another pearl of a playground (yeah, I know. mixed metaphor or whatever because pearls are found in the ocean… hey, it’s my backblast. I do what I do.)

Circuit x 3 of the following:
– Pull ups x 10
– LBC x 20
– Donkey Kicks x 10
– Straight-arm walk the parallel bars (like the Mud Run, eh @ChickenStrip? How’s that PreBalst coming along? only 9 days left to register)

Continue mosey around the school and “think” about using that hill from #TheBear. Think better of it. Back to the front parking lot to the mobile classrooms.
– One-legged Burpees x 10 on one end
– Run the boardwalk to the other end
– One-legged Burpees (other leg) x 10 at the other end
– Run the boardwalk back
– Repeato with 8 on each end, then 6, 4, 2. OK, so maybe we didn’t get through all of these. Time to do some core work.

Circle up for Mary (@RibShack – I think it was RibShack, I was too tired at that point) notes that our circle doesn’t follow the pre-painted circle provided; Excellent point, No walls, no stupid rules.) Watch out for the rogue carpool car trying to get a jump on the day.
– Pretzel crunch L x 10 IC
– Pretzel crunch R x 10 IC
– Reverse crunch x 20 IC
– Heels to heaven (sounds like The Border War game at BofA stadium the night before) x 15 IC
– Mason Twist x 20 IC


– Mud Run – the F3 Super Bowl (x2 per year) – Oct 24 – sign up now! Pre-blast coming soon.
– Labor Day convergence options:
– 0530 @ UNCC Chipotle parking lot – bootcamp (NOT an El Dorado workout.)
– 0700 @ MCP – bootcamp

Nakedman Moleskin
– Great seeing both familiar faces and new ones today. Solid new AO with plenty of hidden gems peppered throughout and some good little hills. Next time, we’ll use those hills. Sorry @ONJ.
– Welcome to FNG A.J. (@Ajax) Strong effort out there. Often need to tell FNGs to “keep coming back, it gets easier.” No need to tell you that today as you were leading the way out there… but I think the burpees might have gotten you.
– Great work by @Innkeeper too… but man, you need to work on your nicknaming creativity. A.J. —> Ajax? Hmmm…

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