The Happy Baby

8 tired men ended up as happy babies by the end of this morning’s kettlebell workout in Mint Hill…



Windmill x 10

Merican x 10

Side Straddle Hop x 15


The Thang:

Russian Swings x 25

Squats x 10

Russian Swings x 25

Squats x 10

Russian Swings x 25

Squats x 10

Russian Swings x 25

Squats x 10


“Duck Duck Metal”

In a circle, each pax takes a turn doing hairburners twice around the circle. He calls out an exercise for the rest to do while he is burning hair. Exercises consisted of: russian swings, one-armed swings, bell press, air press, flutter press, squats, LBC’s, lawnmowers, upright rows, and probably another one or two.

three total rounds of “Duck, Duck, Metal”, spaced out with a few windmills, side straddle hops, and calf raises for breathers.


Stretching led by Chum, featuring the “Happy Baby”





1. That happy baby stretch felt great. Would use it at home, but my kids would probably think Ive lost it.

2. great work today, men- even the air presses were feeling heavy by the end!

4 thoughts on “The Happy Baby

  1. Swiss Miss

    Really stretching the “0.0” premise of this workout with those hairburners. Got the “metal” part dead on, though. Man, that was throwing up some seriously toxic fumes.

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