Seven Days Until the Goodyear Blimp

Thirteen Pax met at the lower parking lot at ASEC for a sweat fest with the Goodyear tires…


  • Mosey through the parking lot: soldier walk, karaoke
  • Circle up in the lower parking lot:
  • SSH x25
  • Cotton Pickers x25
  • Arm Circles

The Thang: COP

  • 5     Burpees
  • 10   Leg Lunges
  • 15   IST
  • 20   Merkins
  • 25   Plank Jacks
  • 30   Squats

After the introductory round of exercises, the fun commenced.

Two men begin the 40 second exercise, as the PAX continued performing the BLIMPS.


  • Tire Flips (outside the COP, the length of three parking spaces and back)
  • Decline Merkins (tire in center of COP)
  • Plank  (tire in center of COP)
  • Tire Step Ups  (tire in center of COP)


  • LBC x70
  • Pretzel Crunches x 30 (left and Right)
  • Low Dolly x10(maybe 12)
  • Deerticks x20
  • Stargazers

Superfabulous morn for a sweat fest.  We did six to seven sets of BLIMPS. Q had trouble keeping up with cadence count on a several exercises.  Not much chatter this morn, except the confusion on the faces when the Q couldn’t remember the correct starting position for plank jacks and gasps after we passed the 50 mark on the LBC’s.  After correction, all was as glossy as a polaroid picture.  We were also priviledged to name a new F3 brother, The Real Ceasar(Marcus Keyes).  Thank you so much for your support and the encouraging words.  It was an honor to lead you men.