Stay Classy Gentlemen! News at 11. . .

YHC led 9 PAX to stand for their exams this morning in the gloom, in the bright lights, and of course on our hands. . . only at the Pain Academy we hand out grades same day as the exam, not next year.

(Round Robin Style)

IW x15IC


(Mosey to wall)
Part 1 – Hop, Skip, or Jump
Partner 1 holds declined plank while partner 2 scrambles over wall 10 times, flapjack, then repeato for 9 reps, then 8 reps, and so on until 1 rep

(Mosey to Hill work)
Part 2 – 2nd Gear
Partner 1 holds Air Chair while partner 2 reverses uphill for 10 reps of burpee, flapjack, then repeato for 9 reps, then 8 reps, and so on until 1 rep

(Mosey to Field House)
Part 3 – Final Exam
Partner 1 holds Balls to the Wall, (or handstand, or plank, or PC) while partner 2 runs uphill suicides, flapjack, repeato 10 total times.




YHC and 2.1 rolled up on site to find WBTV staked out on top of our hill site. YHC looked at said 2.1 and said, “showtime!” Everything else went downhill fast after that.

Disclaimer given, YHC lead the PAX on a short mosey down memory lane to the site of the first Pain Academy Beatdown, the wall. Hop, Skip, or jump your way over, repeatedly then swap with your partner. This quickly turned into a bigger beast than YHC and many PAX were ready for. Not only did YHC’s partner modify to no jumps, other PAX started bleeding and limping. So, halfway down the count YHC audibles to the next part of the exam, Hill work, in front of TV cameras, of course. Here the PAX all passed resoundingly with flying colors. Maybe it was the lights or the cameras but everyone paid down to make up for the first part. Then the Final part, suicides and more hand stands. But the PAX were all cheers to be on the finishing part. And yes, Toughskins, the suicide hills were getting slower.

Grades for today’s exam are based on pass/fail system. If you completed the section, you passed that section. PAX needs to complete 2 sections to pass the full exam. This exam is self-graded. Post your grades in the comments section

YHC would like to thank all the PAX who post in Mint Hill and allow him to lead from time to time

That’s a wrap! Stay Classy!

11 thoughts on “Stay Classy Gentlemen! News at 11. . .

  1. Chum Post author

    Grade = passed (out!) after flunking the first part, miserably, my partner and I recovered to finish parts 2 and 3.

    “just gimme 6 of something”

  2. Drop Thrill

    Grade – Passed!

    Since we didn’t do monkey humpers for the local news to see and we didn’t get arrested for said humpers of the monkey persuasion.

    Come out Saturday to The Vet. I will be bringing the full toy box.

  3. Tough Skins

    I say passed, but to be 100% honest 10-Key and I (mostly me) lost count a couple times. It was good to see some blood shed this morning!

  4. Drop Thrill

    Oh and yes, OUCH! Forgot to mention that.

    Between this workout and my PT session my lower body is smoked.

    Good news though I don’t have to go back to PT unless my back starts hurting again!

  5. Chum Post author

    Pain Academy (AKA Bain Elementary) routinely scores tops in F3 (Bain in CMS). Yesterday they revealed the school grades, not the student grades (yet)

    Yes i did set this up. Notice how ready they were to film a group of men running up to them in the dark committing #senseless acts of repetition i the name of fitness.

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