Search for the giant ladder

Warmup: Mosey to the bottom rehab parking lot.
20 SSH (IC)
20 Mountain Climbers (IC)
10 Cotton Pickers
Calf and Hamstring stretch
20 IST (IC)

Thang: Giant Ladder workout around ASEC with 4 points
Front of bottom lot: 50 Merkins
Back of bottom lot: 5 Burpees
Back Lot: 50 Prisoner Squats
Rock Pile: 5 rock curls

After one loop reduce 50s by 10 and add 5 to 5s. Continue this process for 5 loops
All total 150 merkins & prisoner squats and 75 burpees and rock curls

Mary: 20 Brazilians (IC)

Moleskin: small group but a very solid workout even in the 50 minutes we completed because of the bike race at ASEC. We had an audience through out the entire ladder climb. Indy was looking for coffee and a danish but had to volunteer after so I could not even oblige at Starbucks. I chased Mountie all morning but felt better when he explained he needed to wait to get in his car because he may spew chunks.
Thanks for the opportunity to Q.