Davis Lake hosts a Triple Q!

12 Lakers posted for a Triple Q that featured turning our legs into jelly, playing with rocks and working on our cores in the mall. Here’s how it went………………Disclaimer…………….

Preamble – Mosey then……………

15 SSH IC – 15 IST IC – 15 CP IC

Mosey to Gazebo area:

Partner up, 50 monkey humpers, partner runs to gazebo, 5 lunges each leg, runs back relieves partner. 100 Bobby Hurley’s partner runs, relieves until 100 reached. 150 air squats partner runs relieves to 150.

King Julian – Mosey to Capitol Hill, become friends with a rock

10 Decline Merican on guard rails, 10 Incline Merican on guard rails     15 Dips

Grab a rock

15 Curls, 15 Goblet squats, 15 Arm raises, 15 skull crushers, 15 chest presses, 25 LBC’s


Piston – Mosey to the Mall -3 Stations of pain,

Station 1: Partner throw downs, flip flop, 10 each – High kicks to next station

Station 2: Partner pull ups, flip flop 5 each hand, 10 total per person – Butt kick to next station

Station 3: Partner plank while other does set ups, flip flop, 10 each

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary – we did a bunch of Mary, the details escape me, with the exception of the mind bender!  I love the mind bender, just saying.

Mole Skin:

One VQ turned our legs to jelly, one Q whined a bit and was called out by the PAX and one VQ learned that if you can’t Q it, don’t do it, so he called an audible on those silly partner pull up’s. Thanks Ghetto D for being gracious!

Little mumble chatter from the PAX, not sure if you were being nice or what but this VQ expected more!





3 thoughts on “Davis Lake hosts a Triple Q!

  1. The Farm

    Using process of elimination, I’ve concluded that @King Julian was whining. Say it ain’t so!

  2. Buckwheat

    Your process of elimination was accurate @The Farm. Enjoyed the beatdown, fellas. I was definitely struggling today after being in AZ on travel/party status all week. Missed my F3 brothers!!!

    Way to work hard this morning everyone. @Triple Threat, it was good partnering w/ you today!

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