6 for 12, 2 for 8

8 men emerged from their fartsacks to enter the gloom and take on some more Thunderroad training!

6 ran 12 miles

2 ran 8 miles

We ran basically a perimeter loop of Highland Creek, parts of 201 central loop, parts of Millstream, parts of bells mill.

The tired moleskin;

  1. Great push out their this morning gents!
  2. Thanks Chowder and Filibuster for pulling us along the whole morning!  Our average pace increased by about 15 seconds per mile!
  3. We are knocking out a bunch of PB’s these days!  Guys are running longer than they ever have, faster than they ever have!
  4. For me, I ran this same route a year ago, this year i was OVER a minute faster per mile!!  #ISI
  5. Enjoyed the 2ndF!  Lots of laughs!  Sorry about all my cursing!  Thats what happens when an Australian gets tired and grumpy 🙂