Wide Shoulders, Skinny Waists and Testiminonials

19 (I think) of Tradition’s finest gathered this cool, crisp morning for a good, old fashioned, Boston kettlebell beatdown.  None of us including YHC knew totally where the morning would lead.  YHC communicated to the group that we would have an upper body workout as YHC understands the goal/game plan to be wide shoulders and skinny waists.  The Healthy Eating challenge is taking care of the skinny waists so YHC was to concentrate the beatdown on wide shoulders.  YHC had his large fonts note to his side under the lamplight so I was good to go.

It went something like this:

Mosey around parking lot;

15 side straddle hop

10 windmill

10 plankjacks

10 Mountain climbers


Set 1 (upper body)

Fifteen, Twelve, Ten

Shoulder presses

Kettlebell swings

Lawn mower pulls (each arm)

Clean and Press – 10, 8, 6

Lat extensions – Standing


Mosey around parking lot

Set 2 (lower body)

15, 12, 10

Sumo Squats

Shoulder presses

Goblet squat

Chest press – on back

Pullovers – on back


Set 3 – 15

KB Merkins

Plank jacks



12 each

Little Baby crunch w/bell

The W – w/bell

Low flutter – w/bell

Pretzel crunch

Great workout guys. YHC enjoyed it all.  The best part was hearing a number of testimonials at the end.  Several men spoke up about large weight losses and drops in blood pressure.  Please sound off below with the details.  Let as many men know as possible.

There was some mumble chatter.  @Coyote the professional also does a great impersonation/exaggeration of YHC’s Boston accent.  I understand he wants to be like me.  It’s ok – his southern drawl is acceptable.  YHC got caught a few times forgetting to say things like “recover” – but I was really just testing to see if anyone was paying attention.  Glad you were.  Welcome to FNG’s  Law and Order and Showtime.  Great names.  Great people Welcome!

@coyote is moving the Saturday after Labor Day.  Volunteers and Volunteers with large vehicles would be appreciated by @Coyote.  Let’s help.

Sound off below and be sure to add the testimonials if possible.

Lastly, my Iphone recording had a skip so YHC may have left some pax off – please add your name if I missed you.  Still getting used to the technology. 🙂


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