Misty Speed Work

Warm up

4 X 400’s – Relaxed pace (1 Mile)

The Thang

6 sets of these – run continuously

  • 1X 400 run at 5K pace (~2:00 per 400) – 1 lap
  • 1X 400 run at relaxed pace – 1 lap

2 minute break

Cool Down

2 X 400 at relaxed pace (1/2 mile)

Mosey back to Parking Lot



  • Thanks for letting me lead this morning fellas.
  • Great effort, way to keep pushing @Bear Claw, @Papa John, @Magnificent, @SS Minnow, @Bull.
  • @Bear Claw is steadily increasing his mileage – good job
  • Bull run at 6am and Rail yard at 7am tomorrow.  Extra Credit for those how meet earlier and run.
  • The cool mist sure felt good after we worked up a sweat.
  • Keep bringing donations in to Solo Cup for the Harrisburg Food Pantry.


2 thoughts on “Misty Speed Work

  1. SSMinnow

    Good lead, @Sid Viscous…those were some tough laps….towards the end, there was very little difference between my fast pace and my easy pace laps

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