Sandbags, Cinderblocks & Bricks

6 men rose to the occasion and posted to The Precinct for something a little different.

I stopped by Tradition on my way to pick up some fun from the pile of tricks in the Outback.

Warm Up Mosey

  1. SSH x 21
  2. IST x 20

The Thang;

Two Teams Of 3

each team gets;

  • 1 sandbag (60-70lbs?)
  • 1 Cinderblock (30lbs?)
  • 2 bricks (5lbs? each)

Each item can only touch the ground when changing between team members

With coupons, run 2 mile loop.

Every 3 minutes switch out coupons with team members

Before switch do the following every time

  • Sandbag – 10 x squats
  • Cinderblock – 10 x Chest press
  • Bricks – 20 x lateral raise

We got back to the AO around 6:05

Circle up for some more pain

Continuous circle of pain.  after exercise put coupon down and move to the left and pick up next coupon.

  • Sandbag – 10 x squats
  • Cinderblock – 10 x Chest press
  • Bricks – 20 x lateral raise
  • Sandbag – 20 Chest press
  • Cinderblock – 20 Skull crushers
  • Bricks – 20 curls
  • Keep moving through until 6:14

The Moleskin;

  1. I was a little worried that this workout would be a little too simple.  It was simple, but it sucked!  The only break was running with the bricks, but even they got heavy!  Running with the sandbag just plain sucked!
  2. No complaining out of this group though!  You all sucked it up and knocked it out!
  3. Great group of guys!  I really enjoyed the 2ndF with everyone this morning!
  4. I feel like we got a little taste of what a GoRuck must be like.  Which reminded me that I have no desire to ever do a GoRuck!!
  5. Always fun to hang at The Precinct!  If you haven’t been to The Precinct, get over there!  Awesome group of guys who love to push each other!
  6. I gotta come over here when I don’t have the Q…….

6 thoughts on “Sandbags, Cinderblocks & Bricks

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    I enjoyed it this morning. Precinct is a great place to workout. Plus, it was such a different workout this morning. Nice job on that Dingo. Personally, I would rather run with the sandbag than the cinderblock. I could never get a good grip on that thing. Great teaming up with you @Field of Dreams and @Hot Wheels.

    @Hot Wheels – I think you need to get Dingo some hot pink wheels.

  2. Dingo Post author

    I’m a little scared to see what Hot Wheels comes up with for my baby!!

    That sounds a little creepy……

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Um…I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about. I was talking about the wheels for your truck.

  3. Trail Mix

    Nice beatdown! It was indeed simple – the hardest part of the explanation was figuring out whose 3-man team I was on. But each element brought all kinds of pain. 3 minutes was the perfect amount of time to keep it interesting. And I’m fascinated by those magic sandbags that somehow got heavier as the morning went on…

    1. FieldOfDreams

      Thanks for the Q Dingo.
      Always a pleasure to have you lead us.
      Enjoyed the workout as well, but I think the weights you posted are more than double what the coupons actually weighed. No way they weighed that much.
      I know I’m much stronger now than when I started working out seven months ago, but not that strong.

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