Who Flattened Millstream?

15 pax posted for another creative #Cruise lead from @TheNanny.  Another Wednesday, another 500 ft of climb on Millstream.

The Thang:

  1. Read last week’s #Cruise Thang.  We did that.  ThreeTrippers got in 5.5 mi and 500 ft of climb.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Based on the speed of the group and the number of people that were just killing it out there I can only assume that NCDOT came through since our last run and flattened the hill.
  2. Awesome to see continued progress and endurance, speed, and downhill prowess gains being made by the pax each and every week.
  3. I am starting to get nervous about the end of #BRR training.  What are we going to do?!  Is there anywhere else that we can run in Highland Creek?  I don’t think there is.
  4. By my calculations we have two more #Cruise’s before the #BRR.  One will be on Millstream for sure and the final may be a modified effort we will call #TaperStream; I.E. only 1 trip down and up Millstream and then some flat running and lower mileage.
  5. I saw that @Nighthawk, @Pavarotti, @Frodo, Filibuster, and @YHC all bagged PR’s on the #TriplePeak route this morning.  Awesome.  That leaderboard is looking good!  https://www.strava.com/segments/10138006?filter=overall

5 thoughts on “Who Flattened Millstream?

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Great having you guys out there this morning. Knowing that ~15 guys will be throwing down some mileage before breakfast makes it a lot easier to get out of bed. Thanks for being #PaxBait

    @Fez FKA Manuel Welcome! Two posts in one week is a heck of a way to start your F3 journey. Making a #BRR focused training run on hills your second post is just downright crazy. It looks like you did fine though. Stick with it pal. Many of the guys out there this morning had vowed for years that they weren’t runners….at least they are straight now!

  2. Dropcloth

    Nice creative run @The Nanny! Can’t remember the last time we did that route since it has been so long ago!

    @Fez – welcome to the cruise. Great conversation today with you and look forward to seeing you out in the gloom in the upcoming days and weeks. Awesome job today on probably the most difficult segments we can find for training and running in the Highlands area. Keep coming back you will improve each time!

    Great seeing all the strong runners out today. The BRR crew, plus Wild Turkey and Chopper who must be gluttons for punishment, were stepping up their game today.

  3. Treadstone

    Congrats to Filibuster on completing his first #TriplePeak in time. To the guys out front, you guys were smoking this morning. The red blinking lights keep getting further and further away even though I personally squeaked a PR by 13 seconds. The cooler weather certainly helped break a few PRs on the #TriplePeak. Looking forward to cooling temps in the mountains.

  4. Kato

    Dang….Nighthawk is killing it out there.

    I don’t want to do Millstream each week, but I also don’t want to stop.

    It’s like an old 8bit video game. Crappy graphics, but it was hard as all get out. It was never really enjoyable, but you kept getting a little better each time and you kept on playing it over and over. When you’re done, you’re really good at doing something you don’t really enjoy. But, you beat it and that’s what counts.

    Strava rocks. I’ve done this segment 5 times so far and except for last week, I’ve PR’d it every week. Over those 5 runs, I’ve trimmed 35 seconds off my average pace (8:38-8:13). It’s not Frodo pace, but Runner’s World tells me it takes 7 years to reach potential so I like to think that I have 6 years to improve while Frodo has already hit his peak.

    We can’t stop doing this after the BRR. I want to see how much better I can get. Can’t we just rename the Wednesday run the Millstream Cruise and be done with it?

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