Q finally figures out how to post

Unruly group of 23 PAX enjoyed a much deserved beatdown on Tuesday (sorry for the delayed post).

The Thang:

Warmorama consisted of SSH (20), Merkins (20), Windmill (15), IST (20) and Mt. Climbers (20).

Proceed to bike racks, where did 20 partner assisted merkins and dips (X2). This is when mumblechatter (yes i’m talking about you Nanny) became an issue and overachieving PAX ordered to plank while underachieving Q finished his set (was odd man out though).

Proceed to rear parking lot, where did the following set:  10 burpees, 20 lunges, 30 merkins, 40 air squats, 50 LBC’s, and then run a lap around the parking lot track. 3-4 sets (a couple started set 5 i believe).

Mosey to Mary, where did low dolly, mason twist, pretzel crunch, the squirm, and maybe one other.

Was a privilege leading such a fine group of men and Nanny. As an aside, i received a text afterward from Nanny that said in part “I had a hard time shaving my arms . . ” Was initially disturbed but then relieved to read the entire sentence:  “I had a hard time shaving my arms were so tired.” Perhaps someone can teach our good friend what a comma is and when to use it. Seriously though, enjoyed leading a great group of guys and look forward to doing so again soon.


2 thoughts on “Q finally figures out how to post

  1. Hammer

    Glock, nice beat down like three weeks ago. Glad you figured how to post a BB.

    @nanny, I was wondering why your arms are so defined. #nohair

  2. Alcatraz

    @Glock, why is it you always seem to bring out the unruliness of the PAX? Haters gonna hate!

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