People’s Iron Fist

The Q was nowhere to be found so the people took over and made the most of it.  There were 7 men.

Remembering the exact order of all the exercises is not going to happen but for a high level overview we did: Many merkins, block work, burpees, pull ups, dips, sprints, and a little mumble chatter.

Great work guys!  It was a pleasure working out this fine morning with you men!  Have a great day.


5 thoughts on “People’s Iron Fist

  1. RibShack

    @Magma- did you mention there were MANY merkins? Good stuff by everyone, thanks for putting up the backblast.

  2. King Louie

    I enjoyed the last People’s Q we had… 3 weeks ago? Shame I felt too terrible to go today. I see no one suggested the cinder block burpees!

    1. RibShack

      @KingLouie- oh we did those, Striker’s idea & repeato too! Of course, @Sensei wouldn’t let us stay dry & had us wallowing on the ground every time his turn came around!

      1. King Louie

        Good! I was going to request extra the next time, haha.

        I hate CB burpees.

        Of course if I was first or someone else had got them out, I’d suggest some of @ManDown’s tire stuff we did that Saturday that he almost showed us his Merlot while Q’ing.

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