Long Overdue First Q

18 PAX gathered in Skybrook to celebrate and enjoy a break in the weather (mid 60’s!).

The Thang:

Mosey to basketball court for Warmorama consisting of:

SSH, Merkins, Windmill, IST and Mt. Climbers.

Stay on basketball court, and do partner carries and wheelbarrows the length of the court (each partner does each exercise 3X)

Proceed to picnic shelter, where one partner does step-ups on picnic table seats while other partner runs to road and does 10 burpees and returns to shelter. Partners switch. 4 sets of each.

Next, individually PAX do 20 derkins, 10 jump-ups, 20 incline merkins (using picnic tables) and then run to soccer net and back. 3 sets.

Mosey back to Mary, consisting of 3X15 partner leg throw-downs, followed by mason twists.

Appreciate the opportunity to Q my first workout at Skywalker, and special thanks to Grinder for making Skywalker a reality. Amazing how many enthusiastic PAX have plugged in already thanks to Grinder’s energy and effort. Glad to see Dodger return despite injury sustained in first workout a week ago. Also glad to see Misfire tearing it up out there; apologies again for the neglect giving rise to your F3 name.

Hope to see everyone in the gloom soon.


1 thought on “Long Overdue First Q

  1. Grinder

    Strong lead today @Glock. Back to back Qs is tough but you made it look effortless.

    Great to see so many guys sticking with it and coming back for more. Iron Sharpens Iron. We make each other better men.

    Welcome FNG Jason, hope to see you Friday!

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