Intervals at The Valley Cruise

10 men started together, 12 men ran, 11 men finished together. How is that possible? As they say in the F3 world, you had to show to know.

YHC decided to bring some timed intervals (some like to call these Fartleks, but those are technically spontaneous distances and not time-based…but I digress). We split into two groups and embarked on the following:

  • Start with a 5 minute warm-up jog down the Hill of Shadow, hang a right on the greenway, and keep going.
  • 6 cycles of a 30-second run at 80-90% effort followed by a 2-minute slower jog for a total of 15 minutes.
  • Turn around, rinse and repeat the 6 cycles for another 15 minutes.
  • Recover with a 5 minute slow jog.
  • AYG up the Hill of Shadows for a strong finish!

Strong work by all this morning! Interval training is a great way to prepare for any length race or just to get in better shape.

Don’t forget that Tradition on Tap is tonight at 7pm at the Carolina Ale House. Pints are on sale! Also, this Friday is the first book study on “The Measure of a Man.” Meet right after the morning beatdown, 6:20am at Caffeccinos (formerly Caribou in front of the Harris Teeter).

18 thoughts on “Intervals at The Valley Cruise

  1. Dingo

    That was a nice change up from a regular cruise! I enjoyed pushing a little harder for 30 seconds. It was actually all over before I new it! Felt like we were only out there for 10 minutes…..until…..we hit “The Hill Of Shadows”……That thing is the monster of all monsters!! I was VERY close to merlot spillage at the top of that thing!!

    Some good 2ndF with The Farm, Gentle Grizzly and Blinddate this morning. Though not too much talking as we spent most of the time recovering from sprinting!!

    Apparently one of the goals of an F3 man is to be able to recover while jogging……guess I’ve got a ways to go…..

  2. GentleGrizzly

    Nice job this morning men. This was the longest I’ve ever run continually. I like the intervals as well. @Dingo – I agree it didn’t feel like we were out there that long. I think I may be becoming a runner.

      1. BlindDate

        @Griz – just a reminder that the registration fee for Thunder Road (Half) Marathon goes up after August 31. You definitely can do it!

        1. GentleGrizzly

          no thanks, my knee felt week this morning after the run. I think 4-5 miles is good for me, maybe work to a 10K one of these days.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job this morning gents. It was a good workout man down. Definitely a nice change. As usual, that hill sucked. Gotta figure out how to stay with cinderblock.

    1. Man Down Post author

      That dude was moving up that deadly hill!!! You weren’t far behind though, Jelly. Strong work!

  4. Neon

    @Water Buffalo (aka WB) and I made sure to sweep the trail for anyone left behind. Happy to report that no one was slower than we!

    Well done first time running, WB! As for me, if I keep this up, I won’t feel a thing on my backpack trip next month.

    1. Man Down Post author

      Neon, great to see you and Water Buffalo out there today brother! Way to hang the whole time! Hope you keep coming out #respect!

  5. BlindDate

    Great workout @ManDown. It was a nice change of pace (literally). The benefits of interval training are all over the internet as well. Agree with @Dingo that the time and distance went by pretty quick. I must say that I was elated when you said that we were going to cool down at the bottom. Was secretly hoping that we were going to have a nice COT at bottom BUT I should have known better. That hill just sucks, especially after running for 40 minutes. At least we know it will make us that much stronger.

    1. Man Down Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it Blind Date! Sorry for the AYG sprint up THOS at the end….well, not really. 🙂

  6. The Farm

    Solid workout. I 2nd (or 3rd) what was said above. It’s amazing how after the 30 seconds, my mind was tricked into appreciating the jogging. It’s amazing how this stuff works. Lately I haven’t felt tired until running up the Hill of Shadows (or darkness since there would have to be light for there to be shadows!). It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. The 2nd F definitely helped!

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