This is not a demo

12 guys entered the gloom for a early morning workout – what a beautiful thing. And it went like this …

Mosey with butt kicks, hi knee, lunges for warmup

SSH x 20, peter parker x10, parker peter x 10, downward dog calf stretch x 30s ea, to the curb for calf raises 25 OYO

Agility – slides, lunges, carioca, power skip, backward run, sprint 50%

Partner Laps – around the L

Lap1 – partner throwdown x 15, Lap2 partner merkins x 15, Lap3 partner situps x 15

Plank – R plank – L plank – reverse plank


People’s Chair – (pass the block) Knuckle draggers (split squats)x10 ea leg

Peoples Chair – (alt LBCs) Knuckle draggers x 10 ea leg

Peoples Chair – (pass the block and LBCs)


circle of pain evil stepsister x 5 ea

W x 20, pretzel crunch x 10 ea, squirm x 15

Count off, Name o rama

Announcements – need another driver for BRR to join Lawdog




4 thoughts on “This is not a demo

  1. Schnitzel

    @Stretchy, always enjoy the not-a-professional professional workout. Especially the %50 run, I’m usually good for %50. (By the way, Stretchy, your back blast was only designated MECA, not Rolling Stone, I just happened to stumble upon it.)
    @GungHo, good working, partner
    Anybody get their shirts yet?

    1. Stretchy Post author

      Thanks Schnitzel. I updated the post.
      I meant to ask you this morning – How is Quidditch?

  2. Schnitzel

    Quidditch doing okay, still getting oriented. Classes start next week. He comes back in 2 weeks for a weekend event in Charlotte so we’ll get to see him for a little bit then – that will be good for everybody.

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