18 Strong men came out for the ultimate in strong man training!  Where else do you get to push a 10,000b truck around?!!

The Thang;

Break into 4 teams

4 Stations

1 – Truck push

2 – Tire flips

3 – Sledgehammer slams and tire carry

4 – Sand bag and cinderblock exercises

The truck is pushed constantly around a square route.  Stations are on each corner of the square.  When the truck passes a station, the men pushing the truck stop at that station, the men at the station start pushing the truck.  Around and around you go!

Ideally we like to have 5 groups of 4, but we were 2 men short today so we had to drop the kettle bell station.

The Trucken moleskin;

  1. This one is always fun!  Its cool to be in smaller groups also, the 2ndF was in full force today!
  2. Well… was until Coyote got upset with us……
  3. Jelly said something completely innappropriate, but I can’t remember……Dick Tracy will sound off below


29 thoughts on “The MUTHATRUCKA!!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one as always. This is such a great workout. Plus, we get to watch Dingo freak out for 45 minutes about his truck. #trustissues?

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      For some reason Coyote has this desire to ALWAYS watch me workout. Should I be worried? I’m started to think so.

  2. Prison Fruit

    Yeah you guys were all sandbagging it over there this morning, you sorry Bunch of Muthatruckers! Plus, it’s a FORD! Maybe if it was a Real Truck(cough cough, CHEVY), it’d be a cool workout to come too!! And I want to know who’s steering the truck; around the corners and when it’s going straight…unless you get your alignment done before each Muthertrucking workout!?!?!? Aye, Aye

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      I’m thinking that if we did a comparison of the stations for Muthatrucka to Jailhouse rock, we would see what’s harder. Lifting sandbags vs monkey humpers? I don’t know, that’s a tough one. I’m stumped already.

        1. Man Down

          I did 80 of those bad boys this morning and my lower half is killing me! That was one strong monkey!

        2. Forgotten Jelly

          No jellylube here. They are tough, but lifting those sandbags and cinderblock burpees are also very tough. But knowing that we have to push a 10,000 lb truck right after that definitely sucks.

      1. Dingo Post author

        Yeah……sledgehammer slams or Freddy mercuries……hmm……I’m not sure which is harder……lol!

  3. Maximus_MECA

    Fun. It is good for the ego to think I can help push around a 10,000 pound truck, aka “Dingo’s baby”. @dingo, I hope your 6 daughter’s aren’t too jealous.

  4. BlindDate

    Definitely a good workout. The first edition of this workout a few months ago put me out of commission for a few days, so crossing my fingers that I don’t wake up to the same situation tomorrow morning for the cruise. And thanks for filling some of those tires up with water. Without the water, they would have been too light….not.

    @Maximus, @Wampa and @Gazebo – thanks for teaming up. Let the record show that we were one of the two groups pushing that truck around with 3 people and not 4.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        I said to triple threat that he should do the leatherneck because we’re his brothers.

  5. Gazebo

    Great workout Dingo, I enjoy The Mothatrucka and the comradery that it builds. Nice work out there BlindDate, Maximus, Wampa!!! And thanks to Coyote for helping in the last leg of the truck push, appreciated!!

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