Swerkin Celebration

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth”
Mike Tyson
The Thang:

Ran to the rails.  Climbed all over them and ducked underneath them.

Plank Pilates

Ran to COP

•    SSH x 20 IC + 5 burpees
•    Imperial Walker x 15 IC + 4 burpees
•    Monkey Humpers x 15 IC + 3 burpees
•    WWII Sit-Ups x 10 OYO + 2 burpees
•    Mtn Climber x 15 IC + 1 burpee

Run toward stairs, dodging, juke’n, and jive’n through traffic cones.

Hop up every step (x3)

Hope up every other step (x3)

Karaoke all the way to the main entrance (flapjack as we go).

Rendezvous at benches and do sum dips (20) and diamonds (10)

Run to small steps and do 20 jump-ups, then people’s chair and 30 air-presses IC, followed by 30 seconds of BTW.

Run around the building – ANW style – and pause to do stuff like flutter and dolly and LBC and what not.

7’s (Pull-Ups & Swerkins)

Run back to parking lot and give’er all you got from end to end, back-n-forth-n-back.

Finish up with rosies and WWII SU’s.

*Great to see Thick Burger this morning – after bouncing back from an ankle injury.

*Alaska is nice and all, but it had nothing on the cool cozy climate of CLT NC this morning!
*Fiver was running a clinic on those duck-under-the-bar operations!

*Brutus held his tongue this morning regarding The Ohio State football …methinks he’s nervous about the season opener against the Virginia Tech Hokies @ Lane Stadium – Blacksburg, VA 8p on Sept. 7th.

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