The Vern

7 men set their alarm clocks early for a ┬áMonday morning sweatfest. The workout consisted of a modified Vern. I like the Vern. The problem is, it is usually run at a Tuesday or Thursday beatdown. Given my rare (read: extremely rare) Tu-Th postings, the chances of me catching The Vern is almost zero. As the old saying goes….”If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” So, it made an appearance at El Dorado.

The Thang:

  • 10 CDDs; run
  • 20 dips; run
  • 25 merkins; run
  • 30 LBCs; run

Round 1: Exercises at bottom of StH; Run = Up and down StH

Round 2: Go to Ramps – Exercises at base of ramp; run is up 1 ramp and 1 flat. (when you complete all 4 sets of exercises run back down)

Round 3: Exercises at base of Mineshaft; Run = Up and down Mineshaft

Round 4: See Round 2

Round 5: See Round 1



  1. Welcome to F3 FNG Ryan. This morning wasn’t any fun. I hope Bling drags you out to some of the other workouts this week.
  2. Not a lot of mumblechatter this morning. Even at COT, besides name-o-rama, very few words were spoken.
  3. Great push by all the PAX. I think everyone had soaked through their shirt by the end of round 1…definitely by the end of round 2.
  4. Next week there is no El Dorado. Either post to The Murph at your local AO or join the field trip down to #Muthaship where there will be a guest Q from MECA.

2 thoughts on “The Vern

  1. Frodo Post author

    Always a pleasure getting to Q El Dorado. Who’s next? You have 2 weeks to come up with something. If you haven’t Q’d before, sign up. I think El Dorado is the easiest to Q because anything with StH or the Ramps included is going to make it tough.

  2. Clueless

    Nice sweat fest @Frodo. Enjoyed it!

    Welcome out Ryan. @Bling opened you up to a tough one for sure. Way to keep moving.

    Nice push through to the end @Cupid. Enjoyed the mosey back with you.

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