That Looked Better On Paper….

24 of Harrisburg’s finest came out to the Railyard for another Saturday beatdown.  What looked real good on paper turned out to be a big deposit of sweat equity.  With some editing along the way, it went like this:

Mosey to the west parking lot for..


  • SSH x 20
  • Windmill x 10
  • Merkin x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 10

The Thang:

Mosey to the library for reverse merkins up the steps, followed by lunge walk down the ramp.  Repeato.

Mosey to the soccer field

Modified Suicides

PAX lined up on outer field boundary.  10 burpees followed by a sprint across half the field and back.  10 more burpees followed by a sprint to other side of field and back.  Repeat once more with an additional 10 burpees at the finish to make a total of 50.

Mosey to the field at the pond for something I knew everyone would love, courtesy of a Gamma led beat down from a while back.

Heart Rate Hill Ladder (Well only half really)

10 Merkins at bottom


10 Dips at shelter

Down HRH

8 Merkins at bottom


8 Dips at shelter

Down to 2.  Finish at shelter.

At the shelter…

One leg squats x 10 each leg

Incline Merkins x 10

Dips x 10

Originally repeat x2, but due to confusion and some complaints from a certain Mountaineer the count was moved to 5 sets total.

Due to YHC’s poor time management and lack of additional ideas on the Weinke, an audible was called (Thanks for the save @Bull).

2 line Indian Run to the park entrance and back for Mary.


  • LBC x 25
  • Squirm x 25
  • Crunchy Frog x 15
  • Circle Merkin (@Bull) x 4 or 5
  • Homer to Marge Remix w/ Low Dolly (@Chaos) x What seemed like forever


  1. Thank you all for the opportunity to lead this morning.  I appreciate everyone who came out.  Especially you guys who already had the Bull Run under your belt.  The last few months with this group has truly been a blessing.  Thank you all for the leadership, camaraderie, and accountability you provide.
  2. I either had the count wrong initially or forgot someone in the PAX.  There are 23 names up top, but I thought there were 24 that showed up.  If you see your name missing shout it out in the comments.
  3. Glad to have made it through the VQ without too much #mumblechatter.  Next time I’ll be prepared with enough content for the entire hour.  Although it seemed to be plenty for @Hootie, who I’m fairly sure just stopped at some point.
  4.  Remember the needs of the Food Pantry.  I’m pretty sure there’s a list somewhere, but see @SoloCup for details.
  5. Good luck to @Chaos and everyone on the team headed to Spartan Super next week.
  6. Movies in the Park next Friday at 6pm.

COT Courtesy of @Hootie








4 thoughts on “That Looked Better On Paper….

  1. SunDial

    Great lead, T-Bone!

    Shout out to Hong Kong Phooey- you were killing it out there, especially on the suicides and hills. Strong work!

  2. Othello

    Great lead @Tbone! HRH was a good call and always a crowd pleaser. Looking forward to your future leads.

    @Hong Kong Phooey-you were on fire with the suicide/Burpees!

    @Tumbler-still waiting for the water to rise, no sign of rain (#hadtoshowtoknow)

  3. Bull2

    Great lead T-Bone. It is always tough dealing with @Hootie an the mouth of the South that he brings with him.

    Frodo and his 2.0, Mighty Mouse, were there killing it.

  4. TBone Post author

    Thanks @Bull2, you’re right. They were there, not sure how I missed them. Apologies @Frodo.

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