Back to the rock pile

5 PAX (1 FNG + 1 Site FNG) descended upon THE VET because, well just because they are men and wanted lift heavy objects and run a lot.


Air Squats X20IC

(YHC led the PAX to the creek, instructed them to grab a rock for today’s journey)

9 8 Holes of Rock golf
(each hole, travel per YHC directions from tee to chains, perform called exercise)

  1. Run & Arm Ruck, then Alternating Wood Chuckers x20IC
  2. Run & Arm Ruck, then Alternating Lunges x10 each leg OYO
  3. Back track & Arm ruck, then Big Macs x20IC
  4. Down Hill Run & Arm Ruck, Bent Over Row x15IC
  5. Karaoke & Arm Ruck, 10-count rest
  6. (Where is this hole?)
  7. Run & Arm Ruck, Wood Chuckers x15IC
  8. 50/50 Back Track & AYG, One Arm press x 10 each arm OYO
  9. AYG, 1–count rest

Slow mosey to double-wide tennis courts for round 2
(all exercises performed with rock in hand)

  • suicide each sideline, then 20 bent over rows
  • suicide each sideline x2, then 20 bent over rows
  • suicide each sideline x3, then plank till last man finishes

Slower mosey to picnic tables for round 3
(PAX pick a spot on the tables)

  • horizontal┬ábent-arm pull-overs, x20ic
  • horizontal Big Macs x20IC
  • Homer to Marge medley with some dolly and rosalita thrown in

Back to the creek to return the rock


  • YHC is way too late in writing this BB
  • Welcome to FNG Poncho Rojo aka “Ponch”