When the Q has Flashbacks….

When planning this beatdown, YHC was having flashbacks to August three-a-days in college. That’s never a good sign. Things went a little something like this.

Mosey to Side Lot for Warm Up

Windmill X12IC
Cotton Picker X12IC
Peter Parker X12IC
Parker Peter X12IC

Disclaimer given. Jelly Lube Penalty Explained (10 Burpees for ALL Pax if anyone is called out for Jelly Lubing). @Major Pain liked that rule.

Mosey around back of school.

5-1 Merican/Air Squat ladder on steep hill by the playground. Alternate quadraphelia every other time up. We messed this up the second time up the hill, so we did two trips up in a row of quadraphelia. That sucked combined with air squats!

Three groups of two formed.

1’s: Reverse Spider Man Merkins up triple staircase.

2’s: AMRAP Muscle Ups.

3’s: AMRAP Pull ups.
Rotate and repeato until all groups complete each station.

Bear crawl up long ramp to fence and then mosey to courtyard.

People’s Chair 1 min. HOLD and do 20 Air Presses IC.

To picnic tables for 10 step ups (each leg), Decline Mericans X10IC, Incline Mericans X10IC, & Dips X10. REPEATO @Major Pain gave us the standard 10 count when asked, 10 – 0, lets roll. Okay, REPEATO! Only did 9 repsIC on both the incline and decline Mericans this time cause YHC’s chest and tri’s were failing.

Mosey to side hill. This is where YHC’s college football flashbacks came into play…. Run in place and do 5 good old fashion Up Downs on the Q’s command.
Quadraphelia up large hill, run down. REPEATO!

Mosey around front of school to trailers.

AYG up steps and down straight away. Plank Walk Down rails.

Pretzel Crunch X10IC (each side)
Plank Walk up rails, AYG down straight away.

The Pax was spared on a trip down the hill of suck leading to the greenway as we were almost out of time.

Plank up downs AMRAP. These flat out sucked!!
The W X15IC
Low Flutter X15IC
Low Dolly X15IC

Enter stage right, prospect Darnell, who was there to train some female who didn’t show. The Pax engaged him and put on a full court EH press. Will Darnell show tomorrow for Triple Threat’s VQ (bootcamp) at Davis Lake????

-This was flat our rough (at least for me)!
-Great work by all today. There was virtually no mumble chatter, even when there was a Q fail slipping when doing quadraphelia up hill. I was not even harassed when I said we would do 20 LBC’s and we only did 15, stopped and then did five more. Hopefully that was because the beatdown had you sucking wind like me!
-Way to push yourself @Innkeeper. I’m sure you’ve heard, the beatdowns don’t get easier but you definitely get stronger! Glad you came back. Feel free to reach out if you want information on other AO’s so you can attend additional days not offered at The Valley.
-LOVE all the options here at The Valley.
-As always, it was a pleasure leading you men this morning. Thanks for the opportunity!
-Sorry this BB is late. Had to be at work @0730 and just took a break from training.

8 thoughts on “When the Q has Flashbacks….

  1. Innkeeper

    I’m thankful today for being spared the trip to the Valley of Darkness this morning at the end of that beatdown, coming back up would have been rough. Great morning @Buckwheat! I’m also very thankful for finding F3, it’s been the second best way to start the day.

  2. Dingo

    No trip down the “Hill of Shadows”??? = Valley Q fail

    Just messing with you! Blooms like a solid beatdown!! I was tired just reading it!

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    Yeah, I purposely planned the trip to the Valley of Shadows at the end of our journey so it would at least be a little less dark in hope of preventing someone from getting D-nutted by those poles. #QFail.

    @Innkeeper: What’s the the first best way to start your day?

  4. TripleThreat

    Great job as Q this morning!@ Buckwheat. This beat down challenged me and I’m happy I was able to respond. I have been inspired and tomorrow at Davis Lake I plan to pay the challenge forward to others as Q. Great work by all this morning.

  5. Buckwheat Post author

    Glad to hear that @Triple Threat. Looking forward to experience your forward payment tomorrow!

  6. The Farm

    I was going to attend this today but proudly fartsacked instead. It was much needed. Looks like a solid beatdown. The Jelly Lube penalty is hilarious.

    I hear Monday’s Q WILL be leading men down the Hill of Shadows.

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