A Mile at a Time

Three Harrisburg runners met at the Hickory Ridge MS track for some mile repeats. This is how it went:

4 laps warm-up

4 x 1600m (close enough to a mile) at speed with 2 minute jog between

2 laps cool-down

Naked Moleskin

Thanks for the opportunity, men. Always enjoy the collective push and the comaraderie

@Bearclaw….Its a small world!…we discovered three people we know in common during the ‘conversational pace’ portions of the workout…I’ll have twenty more questions next time

@Bull … YHC knew you were out there somewhere in the gloom when I pulled in to the parking lot and saw your car…..strong BRR prep, running the now infamous French Fields hill five times before Accelration!

Remember to bring food for the Harrisburg Food Pantry

– A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour


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  1. SoloCup

    I was on my way, but there was a bad wreak on Stallings that blocked the entrance to my neighborhood. Please pray for the family, I believe there was a fatality.

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