Folsom Prison Blues

Half-a-dozen of #TheFaithful ventured into a damp gloom this morning, for a beatdown that went something like this…

The Thang

  • Mosey to Prison Yard, with high knees, butt kickers, skips along the way
  • Warm-O-Rama: SSH, IST, Windmill, Monkey Humpers, Mericans (varied grip)

Ring O’ Fire

Count off by 4’s. Bear Crawl in a circle till the Q calls your number, then sprint around the courts and back, while the pax does mericans till you return. Resume bear crawl once the sprinters return, till the next number is called…

Repeato and switch out bear crawl & mericans for lunge walk & squats, and then again with crab walk & LBCs.

Mosey to Great Wall of Wellington, for decline mericans.

Partner up for 1-mile partner relay (10 laps total around check-in). Goal is a 6 minute mile; A one-burpee penalty was given for each second over 6 minutes to the pax. 17 burpees, OYO.

Mary: Leg stretches /  Mason Twist / Twisted LBCs / Low Flutter

The Moleskin:

  • Nice work out there gents. Strong push by all on the 1-mile relay; I have a feeling next time there won’t need to be any burpees (oh yeah, I also said there wouldn’t be a next time…)
  • Prison Fruit led us in a nice rendition of Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire during the lunge walk portion of the beatdown. I think we almost had some 3-part harmony going, a la The Tennessee Three, with El Toro giving a little ‘boom-chicka-boom-chicka’ train beat in the background.
  • The Closer was nearly gushing over how much more he enjoyed the crab walk compared to the bear crawl. He was even smiling while crab walking.
  • Field of Dreams spent all of the 10-count after the mile relay on both knees, prostrate on the ground, I presume giving thanks to the Almighty that he still had breath in his lungs. Nice push brother.
  • Hot Wheels was flying on the relay – the flash mob 5k better watch out tonight…


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  1. Man Down

    Nice looking Q Trail Mix! Looks like I missed a tough workout and everyone worked hard! After about a dozen workouts in a row, I made an intentional decision to fartsack today. I’ll be back out tomorrow for some kettlebells at Tradition though!

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