Loosey Goosey

3 of F3 Harrisburg’s finest joined up this morning in the town center for some stretch and recovery. YHC had no agenda or weinke… just a goal of taking care of our bodies and loosening some tight spots. Here’s how it went…


Thang (loosely remembered):

  • Arm circles (big and small), huggers, arm across, arm down spine
  • Side stretches, chest openers, behind the back chest openers
  • Forward folds w/ flat backs mixed in, upward dog/downward dog repeats
  • Runner’s pose to lunge series, crescent to warrior I,II,reverse series w/ deeper lunge work, followed by calf focus on steps
  • Pigeon series, ball rollers, thread the needle, garland pose, cobbler pose


  • Yerpies OYO x5, Plank hop ups (4, 3, 2, 1 decreasing hops x 3 sets each), Plank tap series x8 (toes, hands, opposite toe & hand)
  • Cat to Cow



  1. As always, it’s an honor to lead. Thanks for the chance to do this fun stuff.
  2. This workout opportunity is a great option for those looking to increase flexibility and core strength… and to work out some of the kinks from prior workouts. Solid work @Othello and @HoneyDo!
  3. Bags in Burg corn hole tournament is coming up. @TurfToe is a HC. If F3 enters two teams, a tent on site for recruiting is free. See @Swami for details.
  4. Flash mob 5K tomorrow night at Reedy Creek Park. @SoloCup has all the info.
  5. Harrisburg food pantry is always in need of donations. @SoloCup will collect at any workout.

1 thought on “Loosey Goosey

  1. Othello

    Thanks @Clueless for picking up the Q! As usual, great stretching- hip-flexors, hamstrings and calf’s feel wonderful now after a previous plyo beatdown.

    @Honeydo – thanks for the “frozen golf ball” tip!

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