Liquor Store Run & BRR 6-mile Option

Here is the route for tomorrow’s running bear

Runkeeper F3 Running Bear Liquor Store Run


  • Start 0530 @ playground parking lot
  • Run on sidewalks along hwy 218 back to hwy 51
  • Cross hwy 51
  • Run south on hwy 51 to¬†Brighton Park
  • Turn right on Brighton Park Drive (BP gas station)
  • Run to ABC store
  • Return to Veterans Park via same route
  • Total distance = 4 miles

6-mile option for the BRR trainees:

  • start 0515 @ playground parking lot
  • repeat the return section between the ABC store and the Baptist Church
  • from ABC to Mint Hill Baptist Church is 1 mile
  • return to the park
  • total distance = 6 miles

3-mile option

  • start 0530 @ playground parking lot
  • Same route as 4-mile except turn-around at lawyers rd intersection
  • total distance = 3 miles

All options

  • Since this is first time on this route, all times will be benchmark
  • Future repeats will be to compete against benchmark and succeeding¬†times.
  • The entire route is on sidewalk and lit, but dress bright or bring a light for visibility.
  • All runners return to playground by 0610 for COT and takeout

HC via comments, email, or Twitter if you’re gonna run the 6-mile option.

8 thoughts on “Liquor Store Run & BRR 6-mile Option

  1. Glass Joe

    Just to make sure I have this right for the 6 miler: From Vet Park to ABC store, back to Mint Hill Baptist, run back to ABC Store and then back to Vet Park.


  2. Double E

    Actually the wonderful students at NC State started a Race to raise $$ for the Children’s Hospital called The Krispy Kreme Challenge that I could see us replicating for one incredible #CSAUP event right in Mint Hill!!

    2400 Calories, 12 Donuts, 5 miles, 1 Hour

    We could call it the DunkinYourFaceInATrashcanToSpillMerlot 5 miler !!

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