Hammer who? Hammer Q!

22 Men braved the lightly pouring of heaven’s drip for an impromtu Hammer Q.  The thang went a little like this.

“Long” Warmup Run (according to some PAX; #crybabies)

Cirlce Up, SSHx26, Apollo Ono’s 50 OYO, Windmill x 12, Cotton Pickers x 12, IST x 12, Merkins x 12.

Disclaimer Mosey in the Dark Gloom; Indian Run with CDDx5 at the back of PAX.

Quick Prayer for Colonel, then partner carry back to Bleachers/Track

Partner Shoulder Press x 10

15 Merkins/15 Dips each Partner

Sprint on concrete while Partner Derkins (audible to singe vs. double sprint after first round)

Repeato X 3

Mosey to Wall for Some peoples Chair (left leg up, right leg up, Air press x 15)

15 Donkey Kicks

Sprint up hill for 10 CDD’s

Repeato x 3

Mosey for Mary

Criss Cross Applesauce waiting for PAX

LBC’s x25

Dying Cockroach x 15

The Moleskin

  • Pleasure to lead you PAX, been a long time, felt great! You should try it.
  • Prayers lifted up for Colonel Mustard’s son to be home and OK!
  • Tclaps to the PAX for rolling with the punches and pressing through.  I see the strength gains.



6 thoughts on “Hammer who? Hammer Q!

  1. Hammer Post author

    Thanks for allowing me the on the fly Q, it was fun. I hope you got your beat down you wanted. If not, I offer a money back guarantee. Let me know after a couple of days how those Apollo Ohno’s feel. #Hammerbunshapers


  2. Dropcloth

    Nice Q on the fly there Hammer! I thought after the half mile run and 50 Apollo Ohno’s (per leg) that you were just going to do 3 exercises and call it a day.

    @Derby – thanks for partnering up and pushing through even with my heavy butt weighing you down. Your strength and endurance are impressive – must be the weight vest.

    @Colonel Mustard – prayers lifted for your son and family.

  3. Charmin

    @ Hammer – Thanks for stepping up this morning. Great workout. Well done.

    @ Nanny – Good to pair up with you today. Enjoyed it.

  4. The Nanny

    @Hammer 50 Apollo Ohnos? Really. Knowing the gluteal catastrophe those inflict on my apparently weak gluteal body, I was a stealth #refusnik and pretended that I heard you say 15 each leg… Great beatdown. I feel like I owe you a few more bucks for that one.

    @Charmin Always a pleasure.

  5. Grinder

    Wow, those partner presses were a lot harder than expected. My shoulders were smoked after that.

    We must have looked like the 22 stooges on part of that indian run, half of us turning one way, the other half going straight (into a gate).

  6. Alcatraz

    @Hammer – #HammerBunShapers will be felt for days. Well done! And I’m extremely grateful to be part of this kind of men’s group!

    @Red Dawn – Mad props to you for not flinching when 1/8 of a ton jumped on your back for the partner carry. #BeastMode

    @Swamp Thing – Glad to see you back in the gloom!

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