Whatley Week part II


Limbered up from Tuesday with toy soldiers, lunge walks, and inch worms

Circled up:
15 x Cotton Pickers
15 x Windmills
15 x Merkins
15 x SSH
15 x thought there was one more.

Indian Run up to the old AO.  Starfish Merkins 10 x 5 times around the curb.

Partnered up – P1 Peoples Chair and P2 run up the stairs around and down the other stairs.  Repeado x 5

Mosey to the brick wall.  Muscle ups x 10.

Mosey back to new AO.  Stopped half way to plank and pull the team back together.  FNG’s hanging tough.

Made back to the cinder block Pile. To help recover from Tues. cinder block scramble I prescribe more cinder blocks.

P1 Merkins x 10, Block curls x 10, Block overhead press x 10.  P2 doing LBCs

P1 sprint down and tag P2 and P2 sprint down to the blocks.

Repeado x 5.

Enough Mary with the LBCs  Everyone 10 x cinder block squat swing.

Mosey back to cars for Circle of Trust.

A special thanks to Law Dog for posting my Tues. backblast and for neglecting my Thurs. backblast. We all gotta learn sometime!

Yours in the Gloom