Student Union, Hill Yeah!

Some of you may be familiar with the steep hill in front of the Student Union on Craver Rd on the UNC Charlotte campus. It continues to rise well beyond the Student Union to a point that is just about the high point on campus. Six of MECA’s finest got quite familiar with the ups and downs of this big hill this morning.

Here is how it went:

Cross Highway 29 and run by the stadium, go right on Cameron Blvd, then left on Craver Rd. Now AYG up and down Student Union hill until 6:05, then back to the launch point.


@Law Dog…nice to see you EH’ing some El Dorado first timers from Rolling Stone……welcome Watley and Spark Nut….hope to see you back out…probably won’t be all running next time….there are a zillion options for workouts with the size of this AO.

@Gulfstream and @Cluelsss … always good to see you two pushing it out there… on the hill!

4 thoughts on “Student Union, Hill Yeah!

  1. Frodo

    Minnow – looks like a mentally challenging beatdown. I can imagine trying to stay focused and motivated after so many hill repeats would have been tough. Sorry I missed it.

    @Law Dawg and @Sparknut – Sorry I missed you guys. Would have been great to see both of you again. Come back next week. #consistency Sparknut, were you an El Dorado FNG? Glad to see you made it out.

    1. LawDawg

      @Sparknut may have been an El Dorado FNG but he was crushing it out there. I, on the other hand, well the only thing I can say is “pain.” It hurt, but I appreciate @SSMinnow bringing the pain though. I would never, ever, do that I my own.

      I’ll have to get @Sparknut and @Whatley back out to a more traditional #Northdeck beatdown.

  2. Coyote

    I’m in grad school at UNCC and I walk up that hill everyday to my office and walking up that hill sucks!! Major props to you guys! Insane!

  3. Clueless

    There was absolutely no reason to run those hills so many times… other than they’re there and we had running shoes on. Nice change up for the BRR training @SSMinnow!

    Strong pushes out there this morning fellas. @SSMinnow and @SparkNut were hoofing it downhill.

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