Davis Lake Welcomes Etch…

Circle Up



Merkins – 10 then plank, right arm up, left arm up, down, Spider to 10 and then do Hand Release Merkins to 10


Partner Up – 1 partner Run to end of P Lot, other do exercise and flip flop

Combined –                   50 CDD

100 Jump Squats

200 LBC’s


2 min Quadraphelia


Mosey to Dam

  • Partner 1 – Run to top of Hill – 10 Burpees; Run to bottom and do 10 Partner Ups
  • Partner 2 – The BBC
  • Flip Flop going down in count


Stopped at 6 and did

Tunnel of Love

Kaka Laka Choo Choo


Did another set of Partner work


Mosey to Pool area

Merkin Time Bomb


Listened to Moby’s “Flower”….aka Sally – Squats




Airborne Mindbender



  • Thanks for having me “The Farm”. Great AO’s and GREAT PAX!
  • Strong showing, and love to see the progress of many. The Piston I saw today is not the same, Piston I saw 2 months ago when this AO started.  I bet F3 has been more than just losing weight to him also (I speak from experience)
  • Loved the reactions to the Hill, Merkin Time Bomb and Sally.
  • Sorry this took so long to get out.
  • God Bless all of you.

3 thoughts on “Davis Lake Welcomes Etch…

  1. Piston

    You are spot on ES it is difficult to describe how good i feel, the weight is coming off slowly but i feel diferent, physically and mentally
    Weight loss has quickly become secondary
    Hooked on F3 i am!!

  2. The Farm

    Thanks for the lead Etch! I need to come visit you guys soon and see who I can get to come with me. I owe Toxic and Snake Eyes a few visits also. I love the Isotope/MeCa bonding!

    Also I wish Moby had not made that song. Awful no matter what we do.

  3. Piston

    Thanks farm, now its stuck in my head again
    Green sally up, green sally down
    Come on, sing it with me!!!

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