Caitlyn Jenner Decathlon Challenge


Warm up:

Jog through parking lot doing High Knees, Butt Kickers, Karioke, Goose Steps

Circle up: (lower parking lot)

SSH x 25

Walkouts x 10

Hamstring Stretch

Air squats x 20

Mtn. Climbers x 20

Merkins x 25

The Thang:

Lower parking lot

2 tires set up for decline merkins

3 tires set up for hurdles down lower parking lot

8 men rotate around 2 tires doing decline merkins while one hurdles 3 tires in middle.

Rotate until all pax hurdle once.

5 tires set up in a row for tires jumps

Each pax jumps in and out 5 tires in a row x 2 reps

Each pax lateral jumps in and out 5 tires in a row x 2 reps

Mosey to Rock Pile

Each pax choose rock for 20 yrd. rock thrusts x 2

Use same rock for 20 yrd. Lunge walk w/twist

Same rock for squat, curl, overhead press x 10

Mosey to pull-up bars

8 pull-ups (assistance if needed)

Mosey to Picnic Shelter

Run around perimeter of church property at full speed if possible back to shelter

At Shelter

1 legged squats x 10 each leg

Balls to wall (hold 45 seconds)

Sit-ups w/partner x 30

Jumping lunge x 10 (3 sets)

Mosey to Mary

5 burpees

Freddie Mercks x 20

Superman stretch

Alternating Superman stretch

Side plank w/scissor stretch x 10 each leg

Cobra stretch

Hog tie stretch

Homer to Marge to Margaret

Bay City Audible


1. Nine faithful Pax answered the call on a beautiful 64 degree morning for the Saturday morning Caitlyn Jenner Decathlon Challenge.

2. The Decathlon is a measure of overall athletic prowess and is designed to test athletes in the three major areas of jumping, throwing, and running. The Caitlyn Jenner Decathlon Challenge was a greatly modified version of the 1976 Olympic Decathlon won by American Bruce Jenner and was limited to props found around ASEC to simulate events found in a REAL decathlon. Mascara, rouge, and high heels were not used in this event, although many Pax felt it would have been appropriate.

3. To simulate the real Decathlon jumping events of pole vault, high jump, and broad jump,Pax were asked to jump in and out of tires as well as hurdle them. To simulate the throwing events of shot put, discus, and javelin, Pax were required to perform rock thrusts, squats, curls, and overhead presses. To simulate the running events of 100 meters, 400 meters, 1500 meters, and 100 meter hurdles, Pax were required to run full speed (if possible) around entire church property. Screaming Eagle dominated the run today because of the threat of 10 burpees if he did not win.Q has never met Caitlyn Jenner, but thinks she would have been proud of the effort shownby the Pax today in her honor! Another fine showing by the Concord F3 brotherhood.

4. Special welcome to visiting F3 brother, Schnitzel. He came last Saturday as we were finishing and still came back today! Glad to have you as our guest. Come back soon.

5. Thanks for a great workout and allowing me to lead. Hope it wasn’t too lame.

Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 08/15/15

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  1. Schnitzel

    Very solid workout, got my busy weekend off to a great start. Will definitely come again and will spread the word. Aye!

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