Two Year Anniversary Beatdown

16 men came out to celebrate another year around the sun with @SoloCup and @BanjoBoy.  It went a little like this:

Warm Up

  • SSH x 12
  • Mountain Climbers x 12
  • Imperial Storm Troopers x 12
  • Merkins x 12
  • 1 min Jump Rope


The Thang

  •  Two line Indian Run to up to the top Soccer field


Mosey to the center of the field for a Circle of Pain


Deconstructed Burpee
  • 12 Squats
  • 12 Donkey kicks
  • 12 Merkins
  • 12 Donkey kicks
  • 12 Jump Squats

Decrease by twos down to 2


Mosey to the Field House


Bojangle’s Boberry Biscuit
  • Go to the track, sprint the straight-aways and mosey in the corners.
  • 12 Burpees at the Field house

Repeato x 4 

Mosey to the center of the field for a Circle of Pain


10 Minute Challenge
  • 12 Side Straddle Hop, 12 Prison Squats, 12 Merkins,

Repeato x 10


Mosey to the Shelter


Gimmie Shelter
  • Step Ups x 12 (each leg)
  • Dips x 12
  • Incline Merkins x 12
  • Decline Merkins x 12



  •  Mason Twist x 12
  • Low Dolly x 12
  • Slow Flutter x 12
  • LBC x 12
  • Freddie Mercury x 12
  • Crunchy Frog x 12


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  Strong work by all
  2. I’ll never think of Bojangles quite the same way.
  3. #TClaps to @Clueless and @Segundo, 14 and 13 miles respectively
  4. Nice push for @Netflix.  Keep killing it bud
  5. Nice Beard @TBone.  You’re starting to look like a real Mountain Man
  6. @Titleist your alarm clock is worse than @SunDial’s.
  7.  @Gapper must have gone back and took a nap after his run this morning
  8. Men, it’s been a phenomenal two years.  This group has helped me get into the best shape of my life.  With your help and support, I’ve achieved fitness goals beyond my wildest imagination.  Thank you for helping me become a better man.
  9. @BanjoBoy’s final remarks were equally as stirring

Keep on truck’n,

Solo Cup


5 thoughts on “Two Year Anniversary Beatdown

  1. Clueless

    Congrats on two strong years @SoloCup and @BanjoBoy! Thanks for your Leadership and Fellowship.

  2. SSMinnow

    Solid hour of sweat, @SoloCup

    TClaps to you and @BanjoBoy on two years of pushing your limits, and helping others to do the same … it has been great to get to know both of you

  3. Gamma

    Solid workout by a great leader of men. Although, if we’re talking Bojangles, I prefer the Porkchop Biscuit Run.

    Congrats and thanks to you and @BanjoBoy for helping the pax grow in all 3 F’s over the past two years.

  4. Titleist

    I’m reading the BB and thinking…wait, I don’t remember this…then I realized I was not there for the first 20 mins. Thanks for the call out. I am a better man for knowing you both, Solo Cup and BanjoBoy. Great lead and look forward to seeing you fellas more often as I ease back into the gloom.

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