Tradition/Precinct “Old Glory”

23 men from the Tradition and Precinct AOs gathered together in the gloom for the monthly WIB of Old Glory. Disclaimer and brief instructions given for the newbies, and we’re off!

Start at Shovel Flag and run 1 mile loop. Then…

Station #1: 20 x ‘Mericans (front/right corner of Church)

Station #2: 20 x Jump Squats (back/right corner of Church)

Station #3: 10 x Pull-ups (Outback)

Station #4: 20 x WWII Sit-ups (near street)

Back to Shovel Flag  – That’s 1 round. Rinse & repeat Stations 1-4 as many times as you can (the loop is 0.4 miles). Regroup at 6am, then finish with another mile run, casual this time, front man carries Old Glory and six carries Tradition Flag.

Results are posted HERE with your name and number of complete laps plus additional stations completed around the AO (rounded down to nearest quarter lap). Previous round totals are posted as well. Plan to beat your own record next month! As usual, these are intentionally not listed in order of who “won” because this event is not a competition with one another, but rather a true “You vs You” opportunity to push your own limits. Whether you did 1 full round or 5, the point was to do YOUR best. Great job!

15 thoughts on “Tradition/Precinct “Old Glory”

  1. Coyote

    Thanks for the push this morning @ManDown and @Jelly!

    My goal was to stay with you guys for the first mile and that beat the hell out of me!

    Great first Old Glory!

    1. Man Down Post author

      Dude, you were flyin’ that first mile! I was trying keep up with YOU for most of it! Nice work!

  2. Dingo

    Strong work out there gents! Thanks for the push on the run @Belding & @Grizzly! 7:15mile is pretty good for an old Dingo!

    I spent the whole morning just trying to keep the ‘Lead” group in site. It paid off, one of my better Old Glory runs. But still can’t get the elusive 5 laps…..

    Strong work by Urlacher & Jelly! No Jelly lubing this morning!

    1. Man Down Post author

      He didn’t even take the “Jelly-cut” in the business park. Strong work Jelly!

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Correct! No jelly lubing this morning. Although it sucked when Urlacher just zipped by me on the start of the 4th lap.

    3. GentleGrizzly

      I enjoyed the push, I tried to stay with @Dingo, but couldn’t do it. That Old Dog can move, but can he do tricks? My goal was to do 4 laps, which I completed, so now I have to keep that up and move on up to the 4.5 group. It’ll happen.

  3. Trail Mix

    Coyote, you were killing that first mile. And Field o’ Dreams, you were setting the pace for a while there!
    Dingo, the first half, I just pretended you were a rabid Austrailian dog chasing me to kill me, and that helped keep me going. The last half I just tried to keep you in my sights, which helped me get a PR – thanks for the push.
    TClaps to those dudes squeezing out an entire half-lap better than previous showings (Hot Wheels, Iron Wolf, GAM), that’s no joke!

    1. Dingo

      Lol! I felt like a rabid beast out there!! Almost spilled Merlot on the last WWII sit-ups…..

      Strong work Trail Mix!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Great push by everyone this morning. I’ve always enjoyed this workout. It still sucks, but I’ve enjoyed it. Thanks for the push from several guys this morning. It kept me motivated. Although I need to figure out a way to stay with @Urlacher. I was ahead of you for a while and then you just went by me like I wasn’t moving.

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