How High Can You Cipher?

12 pax rolled out on a cool morning to do some ciphering and double naught math.


Warm Up

Mosey to Steam Plant Lot

– SSH x 15 IC

– Mt Climbers x 15 IC

– Walk Outs to Plank to Back Stretches

Mosey to top of Parking Deck

The Thang

-Pair Up (due to odd #, 1 3-man team). While one runs lap around top of deck, other goes AYG with said exercise and keeps count. Switch and repeat for 2 laps per person keeping a cumulative count for your team.

– Air Squats

– Crunchy Frogs


– Merkins (Speed Round – one lap per person)

– Bear Crawl Burpee Box:  All pax do burpees while each team bear crawls the 25’x25′ box (forward, sideways, backwards) x 1 round

Mosey to Mary



SSH x20
Cotton pickers x20
IST x20
Hillbillies x20


Grab a rock and descend down ladder.

Upright rows x20
Curls x20
Military press x20
Skull crushers x20

Reps go down to 16, then 12,then 8, then 4.

Merkins x 10.
Staggered merkins to the left x 10.
Staggered merkins to the right x 10.

Prisoner squats x20.

Lunges across parking lot and back.

Time to go back up ladder.

Merkins, staggered merkins x 10.

Upright rows, curls, military press, skull crushers x 20, 16, 12, 8, 4.


– Pretzel Crunches x 15 IC each side with a Pretzel Leg/Back Stretch

– Superman Row 5×5


A bit of a gasser after yesterday’s workout.  Goal was to keep moving and keep heart rate up.  There was not prize for most reps completed.  Total trade off – you can have a fast team running or exercising, neither or one of the two so no way to rate.  Counting was simply to make you engage your brain while pushing hard (for all but Backdraft – he not mathy)  Great effort by all 1.0s as the rate count was high for each thing. Good view of the meteor shower from top of deck according Exit 54…Q completely missed it and wrote it off as just “seeing stars” due to lack of O2.  2.0s worked hard too with S&W evidently finding out why they are called Skull Crushers.

Until next time, Hipbone