The Vern Finds Boondocks

6 pax posted in the gloom to experience The Vern.  There a many variations of The Vern–YHC has run it twice before and it was different each time–this is how we ran it:


Long mosey to the far end of the sports field, maybe half a mile.

  • SSH x20
  • Imperial Walker X20
  • Windmill x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Mountain Climber x 10
  • Elbow Plank w/opposite arm and leg raises.
  • Plank Jack x10

The Thang

  • Pullup– 10 OYO (modified to handrail pullups due to AO limitations)
  • 100m run
  • Merkin– 15 OYO
  • 100m run
  • Dip– 20 OYO
  • 100m run
  • LBC– 25 OYO
  • 100m run

Repeato for 25 mins.

Mosey back to cars.


  • LBC x33
  • Squirm x20
  • Mason Twist x10
  • Crunchy Frog x10
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley, includes: Homer, Marge, Dolly, and Rosalita.


A little talk about never wanting to be older than 33 (hence 33 LBCs and no more) and forgiveness offered for being a Cowboys fan.  @Chum took us out with words of thanks.


  1. Great work out there men.  We completed 7-9 laps, depending on our speed, plus the mosey there and back; so somewhere close to 3 miles.
  2. This one was a shoulder killer for sure.  @Ichabod claimed the Merkins were the worst. If so, the dips were a very close second.



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  1. Shazam

    Little late on the comments, but nice Q Deuce. Was good to get out again to the #Boondocks. T-claps to @Babyface for pushing the pace this morning… glad to sweat alongside you men.

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